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Get off the diet roller coaster once and for all.

Learn to eat healthy for life, while living yours.

Hi, I'm Nancy Carlson.

And I am pretty sure I know something about you.

You have tried a million diets and they just haven't stuck. You are sick and tired of not getting lasting results. And while you have been interested in getting health and nutrition coaching, you are skeptical this will be any different.

But different is exactly what I do. You don't need another fancy plan, you need guidance, and someone to help you figure out what to do next when you get stuck.

There is something for everyone on this site. One size does not fit all. Some of you will take my free resources, run with them and find great success. Others of you will get the help you need with one of our 21-Day+ Jumpstarts. And still others will benefit from getting a higher level of coaching over a longer period of time.

I love coaching because when people get healthier, they automagically get happier, and this world needs more happy! Please reach out to me and let me know how I can help.

To Your Best Health,

Always Free Resources

Here is where you can find the latest recipes and articles from our coaches. If you are looking for a great recipe to cook for dinner tonight, or need a little inspiration to get you out of a funk, this is the spot for you!

Don't Diet. Do This Instead

Tasty Recipes. No Guilt Required

Nutrition Health Coaching

21-Day+ Jumpstart Self-Guided

For the "Do-It-Yourself" client who needs a little kick in the pants to get back on track. 

Over the past 4 years we have coached hundreds of people just like you, both exercise and nutrition. Our nutrition challenges have resulted in thousands and thousands of pounds being lost, and forgotten!

The 21-Day+ Nutrition Jumpstart is designed to simplify your eating. A good nutrition program should be centered around eating real food. Fad diets, miracle pills, and meal replacements are not a part of a balanced path towards improved health. You shouldn’t have to count calories, measure forever, and write down each bite in a diary for the rest of your life.

During the 21-Day+ Jumpstart you will get an email with a daily nutrition lesson, and the question "Was I On Track Yesterday"? Reading the lesson and answering that question honestly is key to helping you achieve success on the 21-Day+ Nutrition Challenge.

21-Day+ Jumpstart with

Habit Catalyst Coaching

Our Introductory Coaching Program, perfect for those who need and want regular interaction with a professional coach without a long term commitment.

We have seen first hand in our own lives and in our clients lives the difference coaching makes, and for most people, this is a great place to start. 3 or 4 weeks of practiced guidance may be just what you need!

With this version of the 21-Day+ Jumpstart you get all the same great content as the "Self-Guided" option​, with one very significant difference. Access to a coach who can help answer your questions and/or help you get "unstuck". Having a great day? Tell us! Life is crazy and you need help making it happen? That's what we are here for.

Using Habit Catalyst is easy and fun. You can choose to have the daily lessons emailed to you or pushed right to your phone or iPad. You just tell us how you are doing, and your coach will help you when you need it.

Our Flagship Health Coaching Program:

Precision Nutrition ProCoach

Coaches that meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go.

Without dieting, counting calories, or eating food from a box. Learn to eat for life, while you are living yours.

Meet these real ProCoach clients.

Over 45,000 People Just Like You Have Learned to

Stop Dieting and Start Living with ProCoach

Are you ready for a change? Let's see what we can do.

Get in shape. Live a good life. Be the person you know you can be.

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