21-Day “Jump Start to Success” Detox Challenge

We are rolling out another Detox Challenge at our gym on September 28, 2015, and the best news is you can do it from anywhere in the world!

It’s all about the food, and these challenges are one of the best ways I know to get a handle on how your current nutrition plan is affecting your overall health and how you feel.

No pressure from me, but to get the details and sign up, click here

Pain and Pleasure

Usually we are spurred into action by Pain.

It’s a swift kick in the butt when you look at that family photo and don’t recognize the fat guy, until you realize it is you (my life story).

But after awhile pain doesn’t work anymore. The picture is forgotten about eventually.

So what’s going to keep you going to the gym, and eating healthy food, forever?

It’s the Pleasure that is derived from knowing that those activities are going to keep my fit and trim, happy and healthy.

How close are you to finding pleasure instead of being driven by pain?

Understanding Calories

Should I count calories or not?

How many should I eat if I do count calories?

A calorie is a calorie, right?

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to calories. The answer to the above question is… (drum roll please)…

It Depends.

Do you like to do math? If not counting calories long term is probably not for you! 🙂

Personally I sometimes count my calories, because it’s a reality check. It causes me to automatically become more disciplined when I have to write it down, but sometimes I am really surprised by the amount I am eating.

The important thing is that we are getting the outcomes we want.

Click Here for a downloadable chart the answers the question…

“Am I Eating The Right Amount Of Calories For ME?”


Handle Anything

I tend to get upset too easily by the little things. BIG things I can be rational and deal with, but the little nagging things get to me.

Little things add up, and when they do I can say and do things I regret.

These four questions that I adapted from the Precision Nutrition Level 2 coaching course are helping me deal with the little things too.

  1. How does this situation fit into other situations in my life?
  2. What bothers me most about it?
  3. Is there anything I just need to let go of or do less of?
  4. What’s the worst possible outcome, and can I survive that?

That last one really helps perspective. Nothing is the end of the world, and when that happens, we will just have to deal with it then, right?





In the United States today is Labor Day.

Which means many of us have the day off. Only in America!

Unfortunately to many of us the word “Labor” carries negative meaning; just ask my 12 year-old son.

But to me labor is what puts meaning into life – in fact is it not the beginning of life itself?

A mother is in labor before the wonder of birth.

What better example of what labor can be about?

Deep effort, even pain.

But in the end it is so very worth it.

Does your labor bring you that kind of joy?

Find some that does.

Food Label Friday: Percent Daily Values

When looking at the Percent Daily Values what are we really looking at?

You will notice they are based on a 2,000 kcal per day intake, so if you don’t eat exactly 2000 kcal every day, they are really not relevant to you (or me either for that matter).

But let’s say I actually DO eat 2000 kcal a day, what does that mean?

According to this food label (and the government) I should be eating;

~ 310 grams of carbohydrates (1240 calories or 62% )

~ 67 grams of fat (603 calories or 30%)

and the left over (there is no established daily protein value from the protein-phobic government) adds up to

~ 39 grams of protein (157 calories or 8%)

How’s that working for you America?

Sitting here doing these calculations I am shaking my head, reminded once again why we have an obesity epidemic in this country.

Not because carbohydrates are bad, because they are not.

But the quantity and quality of the carbohydrates we eat have everything to do with our body composition, weight, and health.

So how much fat, protein and carbohydrate should we eat?

Stay Tuned!


Start Small

James Clear’s blog is one of my favorites (it’s in the sidebar to your right, take a look!)

This post on “The Chemistry of Building Better Habits” confirms once again that habit formation is not a matter of willpower and wanting it more.

It is science, which can work for us if we let it.

While I recommend reading the entire article, the key points are as follows.

Habit formation takes energy (real chemical energy, not just “I feel like doing it”).

The less energy required, the better.

Start Small.

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