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Listen UP

listen-to-others-clipart-1The other day I had to stop at the gas station to fill up my car. It was on empty. I know it needed fuel; the little red light had come on. What I didn’t know was exactly how much gas it needed nor did I know how much was actually still in the tank. I mean really how much farther could I have gone without worrying about running out of fuel?

I took out the handy dandy owner’s manual. I read that my vehicle had a 21 -gallon tank. After filling up with gas I found I actually had over 2 gallons in the tank and could have gone on further in my journey. My point?

My car signals me when I need more gas in the tank to make my car go. I even have a little leeway after that signal blinks on.

One of the biggest game changing skills you can develop is listening to what your body is already telling you. Like the little light that goes on when your car reaches a level of lowness in fuel, our bodies send us similar signals when we are getting low on fuel.

While we don’t have a little light on top of our heads to sound out the warning signs, I’ll have to admit that would be very handy, we do have a signal that lets us know we are getting low on fuel. Hunger is our body’s signal. It often starts as a low level of emptiness. That feeling can come and go at first but steadily gets stronger. Eating only after our bodies give us that signal will help us in many ways.

1. Mindless eating is one of the biggest culprits of sabotaging our body. Food is in sight so we eat. Others are eating so we eat. We just saw this great commercial on TV so we eat. There is nothing else to do so we eat. We walk past a restaurant and the smells are just so too wonderful, so we eat.

But eating when we don’t need to is not necessary. And when we eat food our bodies don’t need it gets stored as fat.

2. Snacking on a regular basis takes away our abilities to even hear our bodies speak. Many of us don’t know what hunger feels like. While others panic at the first sign of being hungry and stuff too much food down for what the signal is saying. Remember the first signs of hunger are there just to warn us at some time in the near future we should eat. It doesn’t mean we are starving.

3. Our bodies actually enjoy a break from constantly having to digest food. The time between meals allows your body to focus its attention on other things.

4. Without using your hunger signal properly you can overeat your way to an unhealthy weight and not understand how to bring it back to healthy again.

My suggestion to you is first know what hunger feels like. Hunger is a growing sensation that at first comes and goes but after a bit is a constant hollow or empty ache. We should be hungry for at least 30 minutes before eating each meal. It is a skill to work on daily. But with practice, you’ll soon comfortable being hungry for a bit before filling your tank with fuel.

Take baby steps. If you feel paralyzed to eat all your meals after being hungry first, then start with listening to hunger before eating your dinner meal. Just start listening. By listening you learn and by learning more about yourself you will build that skill for a lifetime.

To your health,

Coach Nancy

The Master Habit

groundhogdayCoach Dan John thinks “Showing Up” is the master habit. Couldn’t agree more.

Not when it’s convenient, not when you feel like it, not when you don’t have something better to do.


Remember the film “Groundhog Day” when Bill Murray’s character kept living the same day over and over, and every day he did something better, until he finally got it “right”? That movie was about the Power Of Habit as much as anything else.

Here is an excerpt from a great article from Chelsea Handler on that subject:

“Later in life, my habit for reliability bled into my stand-up vocation. I kept showing up. When there were only two people in the audience at the Comedy Store at the 9 p.m. show, I showed up and did 10 minutes of material every time I got the 9 p.m. slot. (It turns out that if you can make two people laugh, then you can make two thousand people laugh).

I used to walk into coffee houses that held “open mic” nights and absolutely dreaded making a fool out of myself in front of people who were only there to write screenplays and drink coffee. I hated doing stand-up in the beginning. I couldn’t wait for a set to be canceled because no one showed, but after getting cold feet many times, I made an agreement with myself that I would show up, get up, and do my set, no matter what the circumstance.

Once I showed up enough times, it became my reality; it was no longer an option to not show up. I now practice “showing up” with everything I do. It has permeated every facet of my life. Whether it’s wanting to cancel a workout, a friend’s party, a public appearance, my family in New Jersey. Whatever it is, when I commit, I show up.”

Once I showed up enough times, it became my reality; it was no longer an option to not show up.


Jumpstart 2.0 Is Here!


To these “How to” questions:

• How to be successful
• How to raise happy children
• How to live comfortably
• How to have the best marriage

I wish I had those direct answers for you, but I don’t! Here is what I do have though – the answers to health! The answers to helping YOU create the best version of YOU. When you’re healthier, you’re happier. When you feel better, you act better. A leaner you is a more confident you. A stronger you is a more independent you. When you challenge yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally, you are fearless and unstoppable.

What is one thing you keep telling yourself you’ll focus on next week? Next week never comes, tomorrow never comes, Monday never comes – focus on it NOW. You know what needs to change and, if not, here is a list of some things that could be holding you back from that next mark:

Nutrition – whether that means what you are eating, when you are eating, or how many times you are eating. Need some answers? Have you been to a Grateful Plate seminar? Have you tried the 21-day detox? The how to is right in front of you on this subject. It is just a matter of learning and taking action!
Training – are you training consistently? Once a week ain’t gonna cut it. Sporadically showing up ain’t gonna cut it. If you are going to do it – DO IT! Challenge yourself. If you are getting in here, then heck, step 2 is making every second from warm up to cool down count!
Recovery – Unless you are an elite athlete or someone who makes a living off of training, then quit training six or seven times a week. Guess what you are doing – nothing. Your body does its best work when you are recovering and if you never allow that to happen, then you are spinning your wheels and getting really frustrated when you don’t see a change.
Speaking of recovery – sleep! Are you sleeping? Are you shutting off the TV or closing the computer and trying to get at least 7 hours in? If the answer is no, then yeah – you’d be surprised how negatively this can affect where you are trying to go. Guess what happens to patience and discipline and mindset when you are tired? It goes down the drain!
Alcohol – so you are eating well, but drinking every night. “Just one glass a wine” does not do the body well. It does not help recovery. It does not help fat burning. Stop fooling yourself. I am not saying the occasional drink is detrimental to results, but I am saying that the nightly cocktail IS.
Stress Management – got a stressful job? A lot of us do. Being in control of the things above helps tremendously. If those things are out of control, then you are just adding to the pile.

If you are not going to focus on you, then no one else will. It is up to you to make the changes and focus on getting better. We’ve got a handle on the “How to” for health. The question is: are you just reading or are you taking action?

Our 21-Day Jumpstart Detox will kick your focus into high gear. Its 21 Days all about you.

Introducing 21-Day Jumpstart 2.0 powered by Habit Catalyst

If you have never done one of our 21-Day Jumpstart Detoxes before, you are joining in at just the right time. If you have done one before, you are going to be thrilled at the “2.0 upgrade”!

Here’s the deal.

We not only want you to feel all the benefits of a healthy nutrition plan, we also want you to start building the habits to keep that momentum going.

That’s why we are introducing a new delivery platform for the 21-Day Jumpstart called “Habit Catalyst”.

During the 21-Day Jumpstart you will get a check-in reminder from us through “Habit Catalyst”, and you can optionally download the “Habit Tracker” app for both iPhone and Android, so you never miss a lesson and check-in. Pretty cool!

This check-in reminder will have a link to your lesson in Habit Based nutrition, and a question:

“Am I “On Track” by sticking to the plan for the door I chose?” (You will learn all about the “doors” once you sign up)

Reading the lesson and answering that question honestly is key to helping you successfully complete the challenge. You will see how many days out of the 21 you read the lessons and stuck to the plan. That kind of accountability feedback is just what you need to drive your progress forward.

And the lessons you get are amazing. Here are some of the lesson titles to whet your appetite. (Pretty Punny, Huh?) 🙂

  • What is Protein and Why Should I Care?
  • I Hate Veggies!
  • Fat Is Not A 4-Letter Word (I Counted)
  • All About “Carbs”
  • Go To Bed Already!
  • Enjoy Your Food

and 16 More.

I am psyched about hearing how much you love Habit Catalyst!


Here is what some of our past participants have had to say when we asked the question “What did you learn from the 21-Day Jumpstart Detox?”:

“If I fuel my body with healthy food, it’s so much happier with me than if I feed it junk! Amazing how simple it is!” – Paulette

“That I really don’t need or miss sugar!” – Mary

That there is tremendous strength and endless possibility in a group effort!” – Mae Lynn

“Don’t accept that quality food isn’t worth the time; that waking up w/occasional achiness is part of aging; asthma-type congestion is only resolved w/medication; Sugar or coffee are necessary afternoon pick-me-ups; that getting everything done requires more hours (as opposed to more natural energy)….” – Rayne

“I have learned that eating well is easier than I thought! I definitely can eat this way forever! I am stronger than I thought” – Debbie

And those are just a few things that Detox participants have shared with us!

Here’s what you get when you sign up for the 21-Day Jumpstart Detox Challenge:

  • Jumpstart Detox Meal Plan That Eliminates All The Guesswork
    Discover the right way to detox
    3 levels to personalize your detox
    Get an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan
  • 21 Day Jumpstart Rundown on March 16th in Epsom to answer all your questions and get your Jumpstart going strong from Day 1
  • Learn how to transition to a long-term plan and still enjoy the foods you love
  • 21 Delicious Recipes That Your Family Members Will Love – your cookbook will grow as more recipes are shared through out the detox!
  • Grocery Lists to Make Shopping Quick & Simple
  • 21 Days in our Online Support Group to Ask Questions, Share Ideas, and Get Feedback – this was a favorite component of past detoxers!
  • 21 Daily Tips and Accountability Messages to Keep You on Track to Your Goal – everybody loves these, too!

In a nutshell you get Accountability, Access To Expertise, and Association with a group of like- minded people committed to success.

** The recipes in this detox are fantastic, and you’ll get more as we go through our online support group. **

***By the way, you do NOT have to be a Get Fit NH client or even live in the area to register… Anyone, anywhere can participate!***

On Monday, March 21st, 2016 we will be jump starting our nutrition! This Jumpstart will go through April 10th, 2016. Let’s take 21 days together to dial in on our nutrition skills. Its going to take focus but we are with you all the way. Who’s joining us?

21-Day Jumpstart Detox Challenge Dates:

The 21 Day Jumpstart Rundown Live Workshop: Wednesday, March 16th @ Get Fit NH Epsom 6-7 pm
Registration Cut-Off Date: March 18th, 2016
Official Start of Challenge: March 21st, 2016
Official End of Challenge: April 10th, 2016

registernow.pngThis is the Last Time the 21-Day Jumpstart will be offered at this price. We want to give everyone possible the opportunity to try Habit Catalyst for themselves, so for the final time ever the 21-Day Jumpstart is still only $21 for 21 Days!

The Power Of “One At A Time”

derek rolling over 001

Katie’s Stunt Double

A few of our clients have had babies recently, and occasionally one of them comes to visit me in the gym, which I love.

I was thinking about watching how Katie is working on her “upper body rolling”, working on flipping over from her back to her front. Once she can do that she will slowly learn to crawl, then stand, then walk, then run. And there was stuff going on in her development even before that. Lifting her head and being able to hold it up, for example.

So many steps that we as adults don’t even think about and take for granted. Progressively learned and struggled through until they become second nature.

That’s what forming Habits is all about.

We don’t try to run, to make a hundred different systems work at once, until we first learn how to hold our head up, right?

Katie isn’t trying to do everything at once, and neither should we. It’s too hard to focus on all the things we think we have to do in order to drop bodyfat.

That’s the power of “One At A Time”.

Find the “One Thing” that will help you the most, and get really, really good at that.

Then find the next “One Thing”.

Too simple you think?

Try running without being able to walk, or stand, or crawl, or hold your head off the ground.

Ask Katie, she knows! 🙂


P.S. Learn more about the Power Of One HERE

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Habits Are Habits

quotescover-JPG-9Usually we talk nutrition habits around these here parts, but my friend and fellow coach Josh Hillis just wrote a great article about training habits that I wanted to share.

The bottom line is this – habit formation, nutrition, exercise, quitting smoking, it doesn’t matter -the principles are the same.

  1. Focus on habits, not outcomes
  2. Go small and win rather than biting off more than you can chew
  3. Do it often enough to let it become your “new normal”
  4. Tie the new habit into something you already do
  5. Do it with someone else

Read Josh’s Article “Building a Workout Habit – Avoiding the 5 Most Common Mistakes”

Reading great stuff from smart people is a fantastic habit too!

Habit Based Coaching

"Just tell me what to do!"

"If you give me a meal plan I'll follow it."

"If I just had a few more recipes that would help."

Those are all things I have heard many times as a nutrition coach.

And I get it. You just want help getting back on track, and you want to make it as easy as possible.

But what if being told what to do actually hurts you in the long run?

Have you ever gone on a "diet" or done a 6 or 8 week challenge and made really good progress? Me too. But what happens after the challenge is over or you get bored of the diet?

Things just go back to the way they were. We do what we are used to doing. We revert back to our habits.

Which is exactly why we want to create new habits, rather than just relying on being told what to do.

Let's say you are struggling with dinners right now. Work is crazy, the kids have you running all over the place, it's just easier to go through the drive-through.

Which has resulted in you gaining 10 pounds over the last year.

So how can we tackle that?

Well, which of these 3 would help you the most getting control of dinner?

  1. Planning
  2. Preparation
  3. Having a healthy drive through option

You get to choose the one you focus on, and then we follow through to make sure you have what you need to successfully create a new habit. You can also scale the habit in order to create success. If you choose "planning" as your new habit, how many dinner meals a week can you plan? 2, 3, all 7? The number doesn't matter, what does matter is that you are confident you can do it, because success breeds more success.

And when it becomes your habit to plan your meals, you won't find yourself in the emergency drive-through situation anymore. In fact it will seem weird to even consider the drive-through.

That's how lasting change is made.

When it becomes your first instinct to make the best right choice, eating becomes guilt-free and a lot easier.

And who doesn't want that?

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