By Coach Dean / September 30, 2015

I hear it all the time: “I want to lose weight… “I want to be healthier… “I want more energy…. So what is stopping you? In my own life the person that stopped (and still stops me at times) from getting what I want, is me. I stress out about the “what ifs?” I make […]


Embrace Boredom?

By Coach Dean / September 29, 2015

From the article “Five Surprising Things Super Successful People Do“. 3. They embrace boredom. Super successful people generally have the resources to go on adventures, travel, try new things and learn new skills. In the face of all this stimulating opportunity, many embrace boredom. Why? When it comes to business and personal development, they realize […]



By Coach Dean / September 27, 2015

It has been said that “nobody likes change”. But it that really true? When we are uncomfortable with change it is because it makes us, well, uncomfortable. And none of us really like being driven out of our comfort zone. But what if the change helps us grow? What if it stretches us and makes […]



By Coach Dean / September 25, 2015

Results are simply the outcome of our repeated actions. Those actions are what determine what kind of results we get. We get results whether we like it or not. Sometimes we just don’t like the results. That’s different than not getting any. If you are not getting the results you want, question your actions.


James Clear on Scott Dinsmore

By Coach Dean / September 24, 2015

Last week I shared the Scott Dinsmore from “Live Your Legend” died on Kilimanjaro, and posted his amazing Ted Talk. Today I want you to head over to James Clear’s blog and read his tribute. My take home was this: “People don’t want to do this journey alone.” What is your “take home”?  


Quit Tomorrow

By Coach Dean / September 23, 2015

Sometimes quitting is the right thing to do; quitting smoking for instance. But sometimes when things get tough we want to quit things that are hard but benefit us in the long run. Regular exercise. Reading Books. Cooking Dinner. After all it’s a lot easier to sleep in, watch TV, and eat out. Here’s my […]


Willpower Won’t Work!

By Coach Dean / September 22, 2015

We have talked about the fact that willpower is a “limited resource”. You only have so much. The take home: When willpower runs out, habit takes over. Think about that for a second. My habits are more powerful than my willpower ever will be. Coach Steveo (one of my coaches) dishes on this subject:


The Six People You Must Find Today…

By Coach Dean / September 21, 2015

Too good not to share from James Altucher. How would your life change if you found these six people every day? Someone to love. Someone to thank. Someone to be grateful for. Someone to forgive. Someone to forget. Someone to admire. James Altucher


Understanding Bodyfat

By Coach Dean / September 18, 2015

So you have had your body composition tested – now what? What does that number mean? Where should I be? What’s the relationship between fat and muscle in how I look and feel? Click the image to your right to find out. Questions?