Consistency is Your Trump Card

By Eat This. It's Good! / September 29, 2017

Consistency is that one things that trumps all else.It allows for an off day. It allows for us to forget to take out meat from the freezer. It allows us to reach for a candy bar instead of a salad.But then we start right back up again.Consistency is also what others know us for. If […]


Asian Slaw

By Eat This. It's Good! / September 27, 2017

Deb from Concord loves to experiment with new recipes. She received this one from a friend out west. This Asian Slaw recipe combines the tang of rice wine vinegar with the sweetness of mangoes, the slight zing of scallions, and the crunchiness of cabbage.2 cups shredded cabbage 1/2 cup shredded carrots 3 medium scallions, chopped […]


Are You Sensitive (to food that is)? [Infographic]

By Coach Dean / September 25, 2017

Could giving up make you feel better?Dean Carlson, Pn2 True story. I had been eating the same breakfast almost every day for a couple years. Greek yogurt with a scoop of UMP whey protein mixed in. It was my favorite! High protein, really tasty, and so quick and easy to make. What I didn’t know […]


One Step at a Time

By Eat This. It's Good! / September 25, 2017

“If you want to teach, to change minds or to cause action, a consistent curriculum is always better than a single event. Drip by drip.”   -Seth GodinThink about a staircase. It connects two paths. It leads you upward or down. It helps you to the next level. It promotes you to a higher plane.You have to […]


Be Just Like Superman

By Eat This. It's Good! / September 22, 2017

I am a big fan of Superman. Like who wouldn’t be? He is a good guy, not just good in what he does but an all around nice guy. But he had bad days like the all of us mere humans do.What did Superman do to manage his stress? Where did he go? Who did […]


Breakfast Chili

By Eat This. It's Good! / September 20, 2017

Crystal is a Rock Star at 6:15am Epsom. She sent me this recipe a while back and I wanted to share it with everyone.1½ teaspoons coconut oil 1 garlic clove, minced 1 onion, sliced 2 chorizo chicken sausages, finely chopped 4 pieces crispy bacon, chopped 1 28-ounce can diced tomatoes 2 tablespoons tomato paste ½ […]


You po-TA-to I po-TOT-o. Who wins? [Infographic]

By Coach Dean / September 18, 2017

There is no debate!Dean Carlson, Pn2 I’ll raise my hand and plead “guilty”, because I too have been caught up in this debate. The reality is that choosing between sweet potatoes and “regular” potatoes is like choosing between a BMW and a Mercedes. I think most of us would be happy with either. So it’s […]


Sugar Free Me Is Here!

By Coach Dean / September 18, 2017

Sugar Free Me Is Here!I can’t even begin to tell you how pumped up I am to be teaming up with Dan DeFigio, the bestselling author of “Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies”, to help you get off sugar and help you take back control of your eating.The goal of Sugar Free Me is ambitious. To give […]


Right Now!

By Eat This. It's Good! / September 18, 2017

Planning, preparing and prioritizing our lives help us achieve the balance so many of us are seeking. While no one is in total control of their lives some people seem more in control than I feel. Why is that?When I pose this question to those people who seem to have it all lined up and […]


I Have Super Powers

By Eat This. It's Good! / September 15, 2017

You have super powers. We all have super powers.I love watching professional sports. The players are amazing athletes. They are Super Stars of what they do.But I am surrounded by Super Stars.I see Super Stars all around me each day as over a hundred people come to train with me at Get Fit NH. We’ve […]