Are You Too Hungry?

By Coach Nancy / January 30, 2018

Have you ever been too hungry? Like over the top, watch out hungry?  I know I have.  What do you during those times?  Sad to say, I usually don’t make the best choices when I am that hungry. If I’m at home, I usually pack my plate too high but eat it all anyway because I just couldn’t […]


Are You Hungry?

By Coach Nancy / January 29, 2018

What does hunger feel like?Everyone describes it a bit differently, how do you describe that feeling?  Some have described it as: “Well, when I am in a good, healthy eating pattern, hunger feels like a grumbly gnawing feeling, but bearable. When I have eaten too many carbs and sugars for a stretch, hunger feels like more […]


Dear Me…….

By Coach Nancy / January 25, 2018

Dear Me, Remember that what seems huge or impossible will eventually become a distant memory when it’s over and done with. Your opinion and abilities will continue to change over time, and what seems very important now will be replaced by a different priority in the future. Just do the best you can, and take small […]


Give Yourself a Break

By Coach Nancy / January 23, 2018

 Have you ever found yourself giving others a break for a small mistake or bad choice while condemning yourself for that same action? I do. Student: “I ate a huge bowl of ice cream yesterday because it was there and it looked great.” 
Me: “Yes, but look at all the other stuff you did great yesterday. You […]


Good stress vs. bad stress [Infographic]

By Coach Dean / January 22, 2018

Stress is Stress is Stress. Job, family pressures, traffic, how you train, how you eat – it all adds up. Here’s how to find the “sweet spot” to help push your progress forward. complied by Dean Carlson, Pn2 It’s something we face every day, and usually we think of stress as a “bad thing”. Too much stress […]


5 Ways To Control Your Appetite So You Can Drop The Weight You Want

By Coach Dean / January 18, 2018

Losing weight (body fat) ultimately comes down to one thing. You need to eat fewer calories than you burn. It’s science (physics), and you just can’t get around it, no matter how much we would all like to.Exercise alone (or maybe at all) isn’t going to cut it. Exercise burns at best a few hundred […]



By Coach Nancy / January 15, 2018

“Hope is like the light at the end of a tunnel. But you have to walk toward the light or it doesn’t get brighter and brighter.”- NMCWhat are you hoping will happen this year?What do you hope will be the result at the end of this month?Where do you hope this week will find you […]


Are You A Bubble Gum Brain? or a Brick?

By Coach Nancy / January 14, 2018

Everyone knows the tangible difference between bubble gum and a clay brick. While bubble gum can be moldable and moveable and brick is solid and strong. Each one has its purpose. Bubble gum is designed to change shape and be an enjoyment while you chew. A Brick is created to build a firm object.But which […]


Recovery- What is it?

By Coach Nancy / January 12, 2018

And Why do I need it? Recovery comes in many forms.Recovery from training could include the foods that you eat afterward. Supportive foods will help your tired, spent muscles to recover faster than food with little nutritional value.Recovery from training could include your sleep. Your body needs rest in order to repair and replenish. Recovery from […]


Phyto-what-are-we-talking-about? [Infographic]

By Coach Dean / January 8, 2018

Mom was right about eating your fruits and vegetables. Here’s Dean Carlson, Pn2 You have probably heard “eat the colors of the rainbow”, and no I am NOT talking about candy. But it’s a true story, the colors tell the tale of the power packed punch hidden inside all the goodness, as the colors […]