Recipe for Change

By Coach Nancy / February 28, 2018

 You think about food recipes, dinner recipes, smoothie recipes, recipes for lunch or snacks, even dessert recipes.  But do you ever think about a recipe for change.    Change in you. Is there a “recipe” — a ‘secret sauce’ if you will?  Change means something different for everyone. Change can be great and change can be […]


Creamy Chicken Skillet

By Coach Nancy / February 26, 2018

One pan meals are my favorite. While I like doing dishes, I don’t like looking at a sink piled high with them. This one dish wonder helps me to keep my sanity in more ways than one. If you have one dish dinner meals, pass those along by replying with the recipe in the comment section. To […]


Why You Really Don’t Want to Change

By Coach Nancy / February 21, 2018

People resist change because they focus on what they have to give up instead of what they gain. Think about it, when you go on a ‘DIET’ you often say, I can no longer eat this or that. I can’t eat after this time or I can only drink water. You’re focused on what you […]


Mastering Hunger, Not Allowing It to Master you

By Coach Nancy / February 18, 2018

Recognizing genuine body hunger and distinguishing it from false hunger (emotional or mental appetite) can be tough. Real hunger builds gradually, and may go through an initial phase of coming and going before becoming a steady sensation.
False hunger or a desire to eat may arise suddenly and doesn’t last for more than about 20 to 30 […]


Practice Practice Practice

By Coach Nancy / February 16, 2018

Changing our behavior to become healthier takes work. Think of it like practicing your golf swing. No one is good at it the first time up to the tee. In fact many times we miss the ball totally the first time but after a bit of time, some help from a coach, encouragement from peers, […]


And the Answer Is…..

By Coach Nancy / February 15, 2018

Vegetables! There is no substitute for the power of vegetables as part of your nutrition plan. Vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Your mom is not the only one who knew the scoop on how great vegetables are for you. Here’s what Dr. John Berardi over at Precision Nutrition has to say: “Eating higher levels of veggies […]


What to eat before, during, and after your workout [Infographic]

By Coach Dean / February 14, 2018

One of the great mysteries of the world, finally solved!Dean Carlson, Pn2 A very common question I hear regards what to eat around workout times. When, what type of food, and how much. If you know anything about me by now, it’s that my answer is going to be; “It depends”. Personally I train in […]


A Message From Cupid

By Coach Nancy / February 13, 2018

Dear Valentine, I have a little advice for you this year on Valentines Day. Let me give you a little poke and prodding. You have 1day left to figure a way to express your feelings towards your loved ones. Let me help you get your creative juices flowing. Let me explain a few “do’s and don’ts” […]


You are busy and missed a workout. Do This. [Infographic]

By Coach Dean / February 8, 2018

Two things, don’t sweat it, and don’t make it a habit. Just do this.Dean Carlson, Pn2 It can happen to any of us. You haven’t missed a day in the gym for weeks, and then BAM! You get sick, or have a week of late meeting, or life “just happens”. Sound anything like your life? […]


How to be Successful when Eating Healthy

By Coach Nancy / February 4, 2018

Habits of Successful PeopleSuccessful people notice, learn, and adapt to reach their goals.  A great practice to get into at the end of each week is a strategy called Review and Prepare.  First REVIEW, look back at your calendar and see how successful you were last week.  Do you see lots of checkmarks or is it lots […]