School is Back In Session

By Coach Nancy / August 28, 2018

Now What?This school year is all different for me. I have one going back to ‘real’ school and two staying with me for another year of homeschooling. If it was the right thing, I’d keep all my kids home with me every day forever. I don’t think my married boys would like that, and I […]


Happy Birthday!

By Coach Nancy / August 28, 2018

Beginning in August and going through the first week of October our family has managed to pack in 6 birthdays. That is almost a birthday every 10 days. I love birthdays and I wouldn’t change my family at all. All that celebrating can add on quickly though. (Did you see my daughters made three cakes […]


Sugar Free Me 2018 Signup is Here!

By Coach Dean / August 26, 2018

I can’t even begin to tell you how pumped up ​we are to be teaming up with Dan DeFigio, the bestselling author of “Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies”, to help you get off sugar and help you take back control of your eating.The goal of Sugar Free Me is ambitious. To give you the education, […]


Chicken Salad with Yogurt Ranch Dressing

By Coach Nancy / August 25, 2018

Thank-you to superstar Becky for sharing her take on this tasty recipe with us. Make sure you check out her notes at the bottom! Chicken Salad:1 rotisserie chicken, pull off the meat and get rid of the rest OR (1 lb. cold cooked chicken, shredded or diced)1 small red bell pepper, seeded and chopped1 small red […]


Healthy Eating Doesn’t have to be Boring

By Coach Nancy / August 21, 2018

If we maintain the status quo, we really aren’t growing, are we?But growing and changing doesn’t have to be (and probably shouldn’t be!) a super-serious and boring business.It should be fun!How can I make healthy eating more fun?Make meals with lots of color and texturesTry a new food or a new recipeShare a meal with […]


It’s Time to Fall Out of your Sugar Habit!

By Coach Dean / August 20, 2018

​Check THIS list out!Agave nectarAgave syrupBarley maltBeet sugarBrown rice solidsBrown sugarButtered syrupCane juiceCane juice crystalsCane sugarCarob syrupConfectioners’ sugarCorn sugarCorn sweetenerCorn syrupCorn syrup solidsCrystalized fructoseDate sugarDextranDextroseDiastaseDiastatic maltEvaporated cane juiceFructoseFruit juiceFruit juice concentrateGlucoseGlucose solidsGolden sugarGolden syrupGrape juice concentrateGrape sugarHigh fructose corn syrupHoneyInvert sugarLactoseMaltMaltodextrinMaltoseMaple syrupMolassesRaw sugarRefiners’ syrupSorghum syrupSucanatSucroseTurbinado sugarThose are just a FEW of the names for the […]


Sautéed Chicory – New Recipe

By Coach Nancy / August 18, 2018

Chicory arrived in my CSA box recently and I just wasn’t familiar enough with it to be excited. After trying this recipe, I can’t wait for my next delivery of vegetables to see if Chicory is inside. My mom was right when she told me; “You just never know until you give it a try.”Sauteed Chicory1 […]


Change Your Goals- They’re not Working

By Coach Nancy / August 14, 2018

Your Goals Aren’t Working“What do you mean my goals “aren’t working? Well for a lot of you reading this, they probably aren’t existent. You don’t have any (and if they aren’t written down, posted and reviewed regularly, stop kidding yourself – you don’t have any). There are really two types of goals: Outcome based goals and Behavior […]


Angel Food Frosting for Strawberries

By Coach Nancy / August 13, 2018

I’ve got to tell you that this was a creation by Coach Dean. He is a magnificent chef. He has this sense of ingredients that will work well together. He whipped up a batch of this for an event we hosted and BAM- instant success.  UMP Angel Food Frosting 1/2 cup of plain Greek yogurt 2 scoops of […]


I Threw a Temper Tantrum

By Coach Nancy / August 9, 2018

You know the feeling that when life just seems to squeeze so hard that you want to either crawl into a little ball and try to hide from it all or you want to walk away in a huff. There are times in a day when I feel just like that. I want to throw […]