Help its Halloween

By Coach Nancy / October 30, 2018

While scrolling through my pictures the other day…. I saw something AMAZING! There were two beautiful girls who took a selfie next to each other. While it shouldn’t be that a mom is surprised when her two teen age girls are enjoying a moment of fun together yet some days are filled with the opposite going […]


Bring New Life to Your Oatmeal

By Coach Nancy / October 27, 2018

Breakfast is my favorite meal. During those cold months, oatmeal becomes a staple each day. It doesn’t have to be the same ole same old oatmeal though. In fact with these recipes, everyone in my family can treat themselves special with the same pot of oatmeal. Whether you chose to make Old Fashion Oatmeal or Steel […]


8 Tips to Meal Planning Success

By Coach Nancy / October 23, 2018

Meal Preparation: Tips and Ideas  1. Create a morning, evening or weekend ritual. Do your grocery shopping on the same day(s) each weekPrep food meals on Sunday, the night before and/or in the morning. Get into a routine to make food prep efficient and effective.2. Pre-cook chicken. Purchase boneless skinless chicken in bulk and season to […]


Overnight Pumpkin Oatmeal in a Jar

By Coach Nancy / October 20, 2018

Fall is the time for yummy pumpkin recipes. While most of them seem to be snacks or desserts this is a great breakfast recipe. I love it most because I can make it ahead of time and its ready when I am in the morning.  Overnight Pumpkin Oatmeal in a Jar1/2 Cups oatmeal1/3 Cup plain […]


Pumpkin Soup – It hits the Fall Soup Spot

By Coach Nancy / October 17, 2018

A simple, 7-ingredient pumpkin soup that’s savory and made completely from scratch! Healthy, satisfying, and perfect for chillier weather.2 sugar pumpkins (Yield ~2 1/4 cups)2 red onions, small ( you can use shallots too)2 heads of garlic2 cups vegetable broth1 can coconut milk1 teaspoon olive oil1/4 tsp each sea salt, black pepper, cinnamon, nutmegPreheat oven […]


Super Foods = Power Foods

By Coach Nancy / October 16, 2018

So you have made a decision to eat healthier. No more fast food, fritos and fudgicles. But what are you going to eat? What food choices can you make that will help you get leaner and feel better? Let me assure you, healthy eating does not have to be boring! This is by no means an […]


Italian Sausage in the Crockpot

By Coach Nancy / October 13, 2018

Recently my family and I hit the fair. Fair food is usually not known for being on the healthy side. My kids love Italian Sausages. So why not recreate it at home? Italian Sausage2 pounds Italian sausage links2 large green peppers2 onions4 c diced tomatoes1 T onion powder1 T garlic powder Place the ingredients in your crockpot […]


No Good or Bad Days- Just Planned Days

By Coach Nancy / October 12, 2018

After talking with Laurie the other day, she told me she is no longer labeling her days as Good or Bad. She is focusing on Planned Days.  What a different mind set! You see Laurie is retired. I know Laurie is just as busy as when she worked full time, she has chosen to fill her […]


Self Assessment Time

By Coach Nancy / October 9, 2018

Think back to school. At the beginning of the year, your teacher needed to figure out where you were at skill wise in a subject.  They often did this with review along with a quiz or test.  Why not start with that same format for your nutrition.  Lets start off with a fun quiz of sorts, […]


One of the Hardest Things I do

By Coach Nancy / October 7, 2018

………. is eat Sugar Free. Above is the sum of my daily check ins for The Sugar Free Me Challenge. Some would look at that and say, “she failed”. Others would say, “I need to try harder”.I agree with both of those.Can I also add that I am still on that journey? I didn’t give in […]