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21-Day+ Nutrition Challenge

Our 21-Day Jumpstart Challenges have been HUGELY successful in helping people just like you discover just how great eating "clean" can help them look and feel. The challenge has been completed over a thousand times since we started doing them in 2014.

So what are we doing with it as we head into 2017?

Blowing it up and making it better of course!

There were two primary goals to the revamp:

  1. Simplification
  2. A Guided Reintroduction Process

First of all we wanted to simplify the process. We have found by focusing on what we are calling the "BIG 3 Tickets" more progress can be made, faster. (More about the "BIG 3 Tickets" later.)

Second, we wanted to to guide you through the re-introduction phase of the plan, rather than leaving you to fend for yourself. That's the "+" part of the challenge. After the initial 21 Days, if you are ready, we are going to take an additional 7 days to help you evaluate the consequences of adding some foods back to your plan.

To that end we have created an ALL-NEW Challenge Guide, and revamped, rewritten and added to the Habit Catalyst lessons. You are going to love it!


Don’t accept that quality food isn’t worth the time; that waking up w/occasional achiness is part of aging; asthma-type congestion is only resolved w/medication; Sugar or coffee are necessary afternoon pick-me-ups; that getting everything done requires more hours (as opposed to more natural energy)….”

Your Ticket To Health?

Did you ever consider that the number one factor for health for MOST people is what we choose to eat?

Sure there can be genetics involved, but that is just "a thing" that we have to work with, not a reason we have to accept the way things are.

Science has demonstrated over and over again that nutrition is the gateway to good health. This confirms what years of experience has shown us; what you eat has a more direct impact on your health than any other single factor.

But if you are like us, you at some point have probably been really frustrated by all the conflicting "diet" info out there. Type in the word "diet" into Google and it will return 468 million results (last I checked).

Now wonder we are so confused!

The 21-Day+ Nutrition Challenge is designed to simplify your eating. A good nutrition program should be centered around eating real food. Fad diets, miracle pills, and meal replacements are not a part of a balanced path towards improved health. You shouldn’t have to count calories, measure forever, and write down each bite in a diary for the rest of your life.

Putting together good food in a way that is simple, intuitive, and sustainable is what will give you lasting results.


Thanks so much for the daily e-mails and support. I hopped on my scale at home yesterday and I am down 9.2 lb.'s. The program outlined in the packet you sent over was very well laid out, easy to follow, and answered all the questions I had. I enjoyed making and eating the recipe's and I found the plan to fit into my life, far better than I imagined. My husband and I plan to eat this way on a regular basis.

Getting On Track

The 21-Day+ Nutrition Challenge is designed to help you get your nutrition "On Track" by evaluating how 3 "BIG Ticket" food items are making you feel.

You see we have found that for most people there are 3 categories of foods that we eat often, sometimes every day, that we may not even realize are making us feel pretty awful.

Sugar. Grains. Dairy.

The "BIG 3 Tickets"

Are any of these familiar to you?

  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Constipation
  • Heartburn
  • Food Cravings
  • Muscle and Joint Aches and Pains
  • Skin Rashes
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Sinus Congestion

Those are thing that many of us just think are part of life, or aging, or whatever. I mean that is why they make pain medications and antacids, right?

But consider this. What if there was a way to find out if "it's just the way things are", or if just maybe what we are putting in that hole under our nose has something to do with it?

That's just one of the benefits of the 21-Day+ Nutrition Challenge.


I became very mellow and experienced better sleep and more energy. Workouts were better and clothes got a bit looser. (I think I lost 10 pounds!) The food was good and I even got my husband to eat dinners that I prepared. I learned a lot about the foods I hadn't eaten before - mostly the non-sugar condiments and the non-gluten flours, etc. Although I've had celiac disease for several years, I wasn't experimenting with the alternative flours and oils, so that was very helpful.

Climb On Board

Over the past 4 years we have coached hundreds of people just like you, both exercise and nutrition. Our nutrition challenges have resulted in thousands and thousands of pounds being lost, and forgotten!

There is no doubt that nutrition makes the biggest impact on losing weight, getting lean, and looking and feeling great.

If you are on the fence about the 21-Day+ Nutrition Challenge (and even if you are not), here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQ #1: Do I have to be a client of Get Fit NH to join?

Answer: Nope. People all over the country join our challenges.

FAQ #2: Do I have to eat a bunch of weird food, drink weird concoctions, or take pills?

Answer: Absolutely Not. This challenge is based around eating delicious, real food, and you get to choose what you eat from an amazing variety of foods and recipes.

FAQ #3: Are any supplements required?

Answer: Nope. While we make a general recommendation for all our clients regarding fish oil, probiotics and a multivitamin (or selected vitamins like D and a B-Complex), they are not required. We are not supplement pushers.

FAQ #4: How is this different from your past challenges?

Answer: Great Question. In a word - Simplification. We really want you to focus on the BIG 3 Tickets. Sugar, Grains and Dairy. Those are the ones that give the vast majority of people the most problems, so we want to find out how they may be affecting you. These doesn't mean the menu plan is bland, or boring. It just means we are going to build it around foods other then the BIG 3.

Hopefully one of these covered YOUR question and you are ready to get on board with the 21-Day+ Nutrition Challenge. If not, please let us know!


I have learned that eating well is easier than I thought! I definitely can eat this way forever! I am stronger than I thought”

All About "Habit Catalyst"

During the 21-Day Jumpstart you will get a check-in reminder from us through "Habit Catalyst". (You can also download the "Habit Tracker" app for both iPhone and Android) You'll never miss a lesson and check-in. Pretty cool!

And speaking of check-ins; each one will have a link to a nutrition based lesson to go right along with the Jumpstart Detox. While you're inside Habit Catalyst you'll answer this question daily:

And speaking of check-ins; each one will have a link to a nutrition based lesson to go right along with the Jumpstart Detox. While you're inside Habit Catalyst you'll answer this question daily:

Am I "On The Train Tracks"? (answer for yesterday)

Reading the lesson and answering that question honestly is key to helping you achieve success on the 21-Day+ Nutrition Challenge. You will see how many days out of the 21 you read the lessons and stuck to the plan. That kind of accountability feedback is just what you need to drive your progress forward.

Here is an example of the lessons you will receive of the course of the challenge:

  • What is Protein and Why Should I Care?
  • I Hate Veggies!
  • Fat Is Not A 4-Letter Word (I counted)
  • All About "Carbs"
  • Go To Bed Already!
  • Enjoy Your Food
  • and 23 More!

The 21-Day+ Nutrition Challenge will kick your focus into high gear. Its 21+ Days all about you. (and who doesn't like the extra attention? C'mon -admit it.)

Here's what you get when you sign up for the 21-Day Jumpstart Challenge

  • A Meal Plan & Template That Eliminates All The Guesswork
  • A guide to the "BIG 3 Tickets" (+4 More)
  • An Easy-To-Follow, Step-By-Step Plan
  • A 7-Day Challenge Transition Plan
  • A Grocery list to make your shopping a snap
  • 21 Delicious recipes you and your family will love
  • 21 Days+ in our Private Facebook Group to ask questions, share ideas, and help each other out - this is ALWAYS a favorite part of the challenge.
  • 29 Daily Tips and Nutrition Coaching through "Habit Catalyst" to keep you on track toward your goal. These are gold!

In a nutshell you get Accountability, Access To Expertise, and Association with a group of Like-Minded Rockstars committed to success.


If I fuel my body with healthy food, it’s so much happier with me than if I feed it junk! Amazing how simple it is!