Action Before Motivation

In conversations with my coaching clients we talk about “Outcome Goals” and “Behavior (or process) Goals”.

An outcome goal might be “Lose 20 pounds”.

The behavior or process goal is in reality the action that it is going to take to get there. “I will plan every meal, eat protein with every meal, and eat vegetables with every meal.”

Process goals are ACTION oriented.

We must DO something if we want to get somewhere.

This may sound like heresy, but motivation is really irrelevant. Nobody is motivated all the time.

It’s the results of taking action that creates motivation.

It looks like this:

Action —> Motivation —> More Action —> Consistency —> Results (Thanks Jen Sinkler!)

Here’s another “secret”. Make your action steps so easy to do you can’t possibly not do them.

It’s not about the volume of action you take, it’s the consistency of what you can really do that counts.

One action consistently done is better than 10 actions done 10% of the time.

What action can you take today to create the results you want?




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