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facebook header“I want to learn to eat properly.”

“I wanted to make the lifelong habits so I don’t have to obsess over food. I know that it is a continuous effort to practice these habits, but it’s ok not to be 100% all the time.”

‪ “I wanted to work with habits and stop feeling guilty about food. I wanted to move forward positively, not set myself up for failure.”

“I wanted to be able to not obsess about food.”

I hear conversations like this all the time.

Can I share my heart a bit? I hate diets personally. I’ve never been able to stick with one for more than about 6 hours. I don’t actually remember a diet plan that I’ve done (and I’ve experimented with many) that lasted more then a work day.

Essential Nutrition is the farthest thing from a diet plan. That is what I designed it be. Rules and regulations about food make me feel like Food is our enemy. Like there are good and bad foods and we are in a fight against all Foods Evil. Beating ourselves up because we did or didn’t eat that or because we did or didn’t have enough of this; is harmful. Many of us already live in a place where we deal too harshly with ourselves. We can find fault with ourselves easily. We don’t need one more thing that calls us out and puts us down. Food isn’t meant to do that.

Essential Nutrition is designed to help us get better health. It’s about learning to listen to our bodies tell us we are eating enough, too much or too little. It’s about knowing when we are truly satisfied with what we eat. Satisfied not just physically but emotionally. Eating should be an enjoyable process from start to finish not one of drudgery. The emotional response to our eating should be one that is adding to our health.

Our first 6 weeks of Essential Nutrition is not even about food but about you. Learning to know our bodies, know our energy level, truly seeing our schedule for what it is, fitting food into our life so that it becomes a joy to eat. It’s about figuring out how you can eat to become healthier while still being among friends at a party. It’s about working treats, sweets, bread, cereal, wine, and any other food into your day so that you remain in a good place emotionally about your choices while working towards health. You can achieve both.

Essential Nutrition will help you make inroads into freedom from guilt, bingeing, sneaking, gorging, restricting, hiding, and any other choice of eating/or not eating we do.

Its not always about the scale, that will come, Essential Nutrition is all about finding the joy in food. Our food choices should make us happy while we are consuming them and hours later. Being content and happy is a great thing and the world needs a whole lot more happy in it.

How about we learn how to make it easier to make all this “healthy eating stuff” fit into your life? How about we get off the diet, and get into the habit?

Here’s how.

The Grateful Plate Nutrition Coaching will be starting our next 10-week “Essential Nutrition” Habit Program on April 18th, and I would like you to join.

What is “Essentials Nutrition”, and Why Habit Coaching?

Change can be difficult, no question, but trying to muster up willpower to keep disciplined goes against all the evidence of creating lasting change.

In other words creating change is hard because we make it hard. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way.

The New Way:

There is actually a simple, evidence based way to get on the “habit highway”, and it goes like this.

  1. Have a coach that helps you customize your habit.
  2. Be part of a group doing the habit.
  3. Consistently show up for your coach and the group.

You need the coaching and support to do your habit in a way that works for you, and do them often enough so it becomes part of who you are, not just something you do.

Here is what others are said while working through their 10 -week Essential Nutrition Course.

Jennifer said, “I feel like I’ve made great progress with our Habits overall – and I’m counting on holding on to them.”

Mary said, “I can’t even fully express the difference it makes to have “permission” to be less than perfect with this process. I have done more than my fair share of starving and bingeing as a result of trying to be the perfect eater. It is unsustainable and makes me miserable. This I can be successful at. That is a big change for me.”

Bob said, “I am actually liking the three meals habit. My day is much more structured now and my work day is more focused as I am not always thinking of when or what to eat.”

That sums up what this group is all about.

Here Is What’s Included:

  • 10 weeks of personalized coaching
  • 5 habits that are tailored to fit your needs
  • The Exclusive Grateful Plate “Essentials Cookbook”
  • Your Personalized Habit Tracker. This online tool helps hold you accountable to your goals, and provides feedback for you and your coach in the “do-ability” of your plan. This is your personal touch point with your coach each week.
  • And holding it all together is a community of online support, help, encouragement, and accountability.

Secure your spot below and we’ll send you your copy of “The Grateful Plate Essential Cookbook” right away. Then look for more info in your inbox starting Thursday April 14th as we get ready to rock! If you have questions about if this is right for you, contact me here.

To your best health,
Coach Nancy

Essential Nutrition 10 Week Habit Course for Only $197



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