Be Afraid of Fear

skydivingNancy and I are out in Indiana visiting her family, and somehow we got into a conversation of the time we went skydiving.

I mentioned that it wasn’t the jump that scared me, that was pretty awesome. What had me shaking was the anticipation of the jump.

All these crazy scenarios of what might happen made the plan ride to 14,000 feet seem like it took an eternity.

The fear of the “might happen” nearly robbed me of all the joy of an incredible experience.

Turns out I am not alone.

I read this quote from Coach Vince Gabrielle this morning on the subject of fear:

“A research study was done on skydivers, where their heart rate before and during the jump were measured. Their heart rate increased as they got closer to the jump and then decreased as they were in the air. It was not the actual sky dive they made them scared- it was the time leading up to it!”

Nice to know I wasn’t the only one!

Fear has held me back many times in my life as I created these scenarios in my mind of what might happen.

Why are we humans so negative? Instead of thinking of all the bad things that might happen in a given situation or by making a certain choice, why don’t we naturally think of all the good things that might happen?

I have learned that as I take action good things usually follow, and anything that doesn’t turn out quite the way I want it to (what we call “bad”) is rarely if ever as terrible as my overactive imagination has allowed for.

Action trumps Fear.



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Lisa S. - September 2, 2015

I guess I don’t really “fear” the -about to happen- rather I choose to call it aware of my surroundings. I try to be conscious of what is around me and -what could happen- if I don’t pay close attention to my surroundings. Then again, I have never jumped from a plane for the thrill. I know I would have that FEAR standing securely on the ground and imagining the jump. You are absolutely right that action does trump fear.

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