Building Your Masterpiece

A tourist in Paris walked up to a construction site and asked one of the workers “What are you doing?”

The man, breathing heavy from his labor and covered in sweat sarcastically replied “I’m laying bricks, what does it look like?”

The tourist moved on and saw another man laying bricks and asked the same question. “What are you doing?”

“I” the man, also covered in sweat and dust, proudly replied, “I am building a Cathedral”

Two men, same task, totally different perspective.

Who would you want building your masterpiece?

The way you train, the way you eat, how much sleep you get. These actions all contribute one way or another to the masterpiece that is your body, your health and ultimately the way you are able to enjoy life.

When you miss a workout, you are delaying your masterpiece.

When you only get 5 hours a sleep a night because you are “too busy” you are delaying your masterpiece.

When you fill your body with sugar and alcohol, you are delaying your masterpiece.

It’s really all about perspective, about vision.

You can have the perspective of one who merely “lays bricks”, or you can have the vision of an artist, and create the life you want.

It’s up to you.

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