Busy or Productive?

coffeeWatching a lecture by Philosopher/Poet/Strength Coach/Gym Owner/Author/Lecturer Chip Conrad of BodyTribe Fitness I was reminded that being Busy and being Productive are usually two very different things.

I purposely wrote all those “titles” in front of Chip’s name to highlight that he is a very busy person. But more importantly he is extremely productive. He doesn’t just do things things, he does them well.

Here’s three key points I wrote down from the lecture:

  1. Busy is not the same thing as productive
  2. Busyness is valued more than productivity in our culture
  3. We equate busyness with productivity

I thought to myself, “How ironic. I almost didn’t watch this lecture because I was too busy. I had other things to do.”

And yet here Chip was telling/reminding/lecturing that exactly the thing I was doing, being busy being busy, was keeping me from being more productive.

It’s so true in my own life. How many times have I sat in front of the computer doing “work” only to realize hours later I didn’t get much done? As if somehow working longer, of putting in more hours, makes me a better person.

So what does this have to do with Fat Loss and Exercise?

When it comes to exercise, more is not better, better is better. Yes you need to train hard, but that doesn’t necessarily mean train long, and you need to rest and recover harder than you train.

And on the nutrition side we know that planning and prepping is so important, but who has the time? I wonder if we reclaimed some of those busy not productive hours we can make better headway in this area.

Busy or Productive?

How about Busy Being Productive?

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