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Super Foods = Power Foods

By Coach Nancy / October 16, 2018

So you have made a decision to eat healthier. No more fast food, fritos and fudgicles. But what are you going to eat? What food choices can you make that will help you get leaner and feel better? Let me assure you, healthy eating does not have to be boring! This is by no means an […]


Self Assessment Time

By Coach Nancy / October 9, 2018

Think back to school. At the beginning of the year, your teacher needed to figure out where you were at skill wise in a subject.  They often did this with review along with a quiz or test.  Why not start with that same format for your nutrition.  Lets start off with a fun quiz of sorts, […]


One of the Hardest Things I do

By Coach Nancy / October 7, 2018

………. is eat Sugar Free. Above is the sum of my daily check ins for The Sugar Free Me Challenge. Some would look at that and say, “she failed”. Others would say, “I need to try harder”.I agree with both of those.Can I also add that I am still on that journey? I didn’t give in […]


Don’t Hit the Panic Button

By Coach Nancy / October 2, 2018

When is the last time you ate perfectly healthy each meal and every bite, taste, and nibble in between your meals for an entire day? Go ahead I’m waiting while you think back that far. So many times when we go about our day our intentions start high. We might even make it all the way […]


5 Reasons to Journal What You Eat

By Coach Nancy / September 20, 2018

Five Very Good Reasons for Keeping a Food JournalAccount for all those ‘little extras’
. Aiming to lose a pound a week, but eating just a few extras (eg. a can of coke, a cookie and a packet of crisps) during the day can prevent you from seeing results on the scales.
Be aware of when you’re […]


Your Mom was Right- Eat Your Vegetables

By Coach Nancy / September 14, 2018

Vegetables and Your Health”Eating higher levels of veggies and fruits are associated with a lower incidence of:Cardiovascular diseaseColon, prostate, cervical, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, thyroid, and breast cancerHigh blood cholesterolHigh blood pressureType 2 diabetesObesityStrokeOsteoporosisand a lot more that aren’t on this list…” – Dr. John BerardiThere is no magic pill, potion, or lotion that is going […]


Sugar and Lima Beans. The Key To Great Health?

By Coach Dean / September 3, 2018

Ever met someone who says “I hate sugar”?  Me neither. Sugar just tastes good. It makes food taste good. You can put sugar on just about anything and it’s going to taste better.  And that’s kinda that problem, right? It’s not like you have to trick us into eating more sugar, like my mom did when she was […]


Three Simple Steps to Eating Less

By Coach Nancy / September 3, 2018

Eating the food we need and not overindulging is challenging. The more consistent we are with portion control the better we maintain the body we want or the faster we get to the body we want. There are three things I want you to start doing. 1. Use a smaller plate size. Simple but effective […]


A Recipe for Growing OLD

By Coach Nancy / September 1, 2018

As we age, we tend to just fall into Old Age. We don’t really know what to expect, we just judge what happens as part of aging and accept our new selves and our new life as OLD people. Here are ten things you can do to ensure you will be miserable while you enjoy OLD […]


School is Back In Session

By Coach Nancy / August 28, 2018

Now What?This school year is all different for me. I have one going back to ‘real’ school and two staying with me for another year of homeschooling. If it was the right thing, I’d keep all my kids home with me every day forever. I don’t think my married boys would like that, and I […]

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