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Water Are You Waiting For?

By Coach Nancy / July 21, 2018

We’ve talked about the importance of drinking enough water and how it affects muscle soreness and fat loss. Here are some “fun facts to know and tell about water”, and it is absolutely worth reading.Here’s some more good reasons to keep that water bottle handy75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. (Likely applies to half the […]


Why? What made you want to start?

By Coach Nancy / July 13, 2018

Why we started to change how you eat? Why you are continuing to struggle through to reach your goals?I’m going to keep it short today and just simply ask,In one word why did you start?Coach Nancy


Cucumbers and Watermelon

By Coach Nancy / July 9, 2018

Happy Monday !Trying to stay hydrated in this heat?!?Did you know that watermelon and cucumbers can hydrate you ?Watermelons are made up of 92% water,Cucumbers are made up of 90% of water!Grab a slice of watermelon or cucumber to cool you down, and keep you hydrated!Coach Natasha


Turn Down the Speed

By Coach Nancy / July 5, 2018

………..Turn the Speed down to your advantage.To many of us rush here and there. The western diet of fast food, pour from a can or out of a box, heat and serve, grab and go is slowly killing us. Lets slow ourselves down and eat to regain our health.  Eat slowly and mindfully. Pay attention. […]


Three Rules for Eating on Vacation

By Coach Nancy / June 30, 2018

Here are my three rules to easy eating while on vacation. (Thank you Michael Pollan for the fantastic ideas in your book “Food Rules”- Great read for anyone!)Eat foods that you can visualize in their raw state. If I’m not able to identify where a particular food came from, I’m going to avoid it. At […]


It’s Terrific Tuesday

By Coach Nancy / June 26, 2018

Coach Natasha is at it again. She is fantastic at creating short do-able challenges. Take this Summer Challenge on.  Let’s talk about the craziness of summer, from running the kids to summer camp, to throwing BBQ’s, graduation parties, planning/packing for camping ..All of these things are supposed to be FUN!!I feel like too often in […]


Make Yourself a NOT To-Do List

By Coach Nancy / June 23, 2018

Recently I was challenged to do a task that I knew wasn’t going to be helpful to me. It was a generic call out to a group. I thought through the reason that challenge was being given and then politely said, I wasn’t going to participate. I found a great coach who instead congratulated me […]


2018 is Just About 1/2 way Through

By Coach Nancy / June 19, 2018

June is not yet over, This week is just beginningWhat about if you break it down to hours? It’s not even half past 2pm as I write this. Which means I still have time to do something for myself to increase my nutrition, therefore increasing my health, that in return makes me happier.I’m going to […]


Bring on Mondays

By Coach Nancy / June 18, 2018

Everything always starts on Mondays. We start at the gym for our first day on Monday. We start our new eating plan on a Monday. Our new job will start on a Monday. We pick up the brand new puppy on a Monday. Our Mondays are the starting point for our week, yet that is the […]


You’re Behind – Catch UP

By Coach Nancy / June 17, 2018

Seth Godin is one of my favorite blog writers. He writes daily and he knows how to hit home fast. Recently he wrote this to business owners. As you read it, with a little tip from Coach Dean, substitute ‘weight loss’, ‘eating healthy’, ‘getting fit’, or ‘making my eating better’ for the word books and […]

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