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Are You A Time Warrior?

By Coach Dean / June 11, 2015

Among the books I am currently reading is “Time Warrior” by Steve Chandler. The subtitle is “How to defeat procrastination, people-pleasing, self-doubt, over-commitment, broken promises and chaos.” I am reading it because I have done all those things, and still do. The gyst of the book is “Take Action, Now”. I thought of this book […]



By Coach Dean / June 10, 2015

Would you describe yourself as “Grateful”? Would your friends, family and co-workers? I’ll admit I do not count my blessings enough. I take a lot for granted. Like the choices I get to make every day. I am not scrounging for my next meal. I don’t have to eat the same thing every day because […]


Change your mind, change your life

By Coach Dean / June 9, 2015

For a blog that’s “About The Food”, I haven’t said too much about food. We will get there. What you feed your body is important. But what you feed your mind is more important. I don’t want you to change one thing about your nutrition until you work on changing your belief system, your mind, […]


I Want It Now

By Coach Dean / June 8, 2015

We want it all. We want it now. And, oh, make it easy too. As one of my coaches says “We want to change everything without changing anything“. That is human nature. It is also fantasy. To change we must grow. Something has to change if we want a different outcome than we are getting. […]

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