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No Good or Bad Days- Just Planned Days

By Coach Nancy / October 12, 2018

After talking with Laurie the other day, she told me she is no longer labeling her days as Good or Bad. She is focusing on Planned Days.  What a different mind set! You see Laurie is retired. I know Laurie is just as busy as when she worked full time, she has chosen to fill her […]


Making Healthy Meal Planning Easy– Week Three

By Coach Nancy / September 24, 2018

We are on a roll and just getting the hang of meal plans. The amount of time it takes this week will be shorter than the first two weeks. The process gets quicker and easier every week. With week one and two’s meal plans in front of you, use it as the base for week three. […]


Two Recipes to Feed an Army

By Coach Nancy / September 22, 2018

Making and preparing a dinner meal for your own family can be time consuming and taxing. The thought of feeding 15- 20 people can feel like an overwhelming event. I’ve found two recipes that make a crowd happily fed but its easy on the time budget as well.  These two dinner meals go in a crockpot […]


I Hate Meal Planning

By Coach Nancy / April 2, 2018

​​​​​What’s your biggest stumbling block today?​”I hate planning.  I often use my planning time for other more fun stuff. It’s really something I dislike.”Planning meals has been proven to help you in your health journey. Its right up there with stepping on the scale if your goal is weight loss. On top of that there are […]


Meal Planning Made Eas(ier)

By Eat This. It's Good! / September 8, 2017

One of the most challenging obstacles we face when trying to eat healthy is the mindset that it has to take a long time to prepare a nutritious meal. Here’s 11 lunch or dinner ideas that can be fixed in a jiffy and don’t cost and arm and a leg.Can’t think of anything to eat? […]


Meal Planning Week Two

By Coach Nancy / August 26, 2016

The second week of meal planning is easier than the first. In fact each time you make your week’s menu it gets easier and easier. There is something to doing it over and over. Like your coach in Junior High said -“Practice Practice Practice”.  ​ With week one’s meal plan under your belt, use that as a […]


Meal Planning -Taking that First Step

By Coach Nancy / August 19, 2016

There’s no doubt that planning your meals is not only crucial to achieving your best body, but also extremely challenging! Today’s hectic lifestyles make “grab and go” a lot more likely than “sit and relax”. Who’s got the time to make it all happen? You can achieve your best health and enjoy great food- the key lies […]


4 Easy Kitchen Time Savers

By Coach Nancy / June 6, 2016

Everyone knows the drill: Alarm goes off – hit the snooze too many times – jump in the shower, get out the door. Rush, Rush, Rush. It would be great if our perfect plan for healthy eating worked perfectly but in our hectic lives it often falls apart. It might even seem easier to grab […]