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Happy Easter

I wish you and yours a very Happy Easter.

While I am spending time with some of my family today, I also know I will not be with others. My family is spread across the United States and out across the world. Sure I wish I could be with each one of them today. I love them. 

In stead I am going to be thankful that I am alive. That I can breath, sit up, eat the food placed in front of me, and realize not everyone is enjoying this day. Most of all I am thankful for God sending his Son to be my Savior. I have a relationship with Christ that most do not enjoy. For that I am truly thankful. 

Have a great day, hug your family, and be grateful deep down for it all.

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

Why You Really Don’t Want to Change

People resist change because they focus on what they have to give up instead of what they gain. Think about it, when you go on a 'DIET' you often say, I can no longer eat this or that. I can't eat after this time or I can only drink water. You're focused on what you have to give up. It puts your mindset in a very negative state.

What if instead you focused on all the things you will gain?

Since we are talking about food, let's suppose you are going to change the way you are eating each day. You've decided to eat produce and protein. I love that idea! I could see all those items inside the grocery store that I should no longer have on my plate. Instead I am going to focus on the produce section that often gets neglected. 

  • I'm going to try a new vegetable recipe 
  • I'll find a fruit I've never had before
  • Favorites veggies will fill my cart
  • I'll add in some fresh spices to give it a splash of Zing
  • I'll find a vegetable I can eat raw, eaten hot or eaten cold. 
  • I'll search for a fruit that I can eat the peal

Do you see where I am going with this? The produce section is the world at my fingertips. Our grocery stores can get just about any variety at any time of the year. 

Guess what? The meat department is very much the same, I can see the butcher or the seafood clerk or the deli counter for great protein sources. I can find more protein sources in the coolers and freezers. 

Think positive. You can positively change yourself, change your life for the better. The process doesn't have to be miserable. In fact the process of change is where all the focus should be. 

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy


Are You Getting Itchy?

I know I am, and it's only partly because of this excessive cold spell we are in. Wow, is it cold. Florida and all other southern states are looking pretty good right about now.

Speaking about looking good. How are you doing with your mirror image?  

I get asked sometimes why I eat so healthy, you know "Why spend all that time cooking and all that time planning my meals. You can't stop the aging process you know."

Truth be told it is my goal to be healthier this year than last. And the only way to "stop the aging process" is to die. Not on my list this year, but that is out of my hands.

The poet Dylan Thomas wrote of death and dying "Do not go gentle into that good night", and isn't that really why we work so hard in the kitchen?

Not in a quest for immortality, but to keep our minds and bodies sharp as long as we can.

Not to deny we are getting older, but to be better as we age.

To take care of the precious gift of life we have been given, not to abuse it with excess of anything, maybe especially food.

So why I am getting itchy?

Because I personally have a passion to be better, and I have even more of a passion to help others reach their health potential - to lose bodyfat, get stronger, feel better - BE better.

Are you with me?

Is your fire burning?

Are you ready to put aside the things that are pulling you down, to let go of the excuses, cast off the toxic people who tell you it can't be done?

Are you ready to take action, to plan meals, to grocery shop, to eat foods we know are good for us?

Let me know in the comment section below that you are itching to get more from 2018.

To your best health,

Coach Nancy

A Christmas Poem

If I were an elf, I’d make a machine,
the kind that would make you fit, trim and lean.

It would make you have legs – strong, steady and stable,
Is such a machine just a fairy tale fable?

Your arms would be strong, no flab to be found.
Able to carry two zillion thousands of pounds.

You’d run, jump and leap – like when you were a child.
Wouldn’t such a machine be pretty darn wild?

It wouldn’t have gears, motors, whistles, or rings
Cause’ the machine I would build needs none of those things.

The machine I’d create would be made up of levers
That lift HEAVY things – wouldn’t that be real clever?

That awesome machine would twist, bend and reach
And hundreds of skills this machine you could teach

And where might you ask can such a contraption be found?
Well open your eyes and look all around!

The machine which I’d build is already done
And possessed by you all – yes each – every one!

Though different in shape, there’s none designed shoddy
The machine I would build is your very own body!

A Christmas Original by Coach Dean

You Are Good Enough Right Now

I won’t be good enough until...

If I lose this weight...
Get in shape...
Become more fit...
Finally get off the baby weight...Look like so and so... Then I will finally be good enough for fill in the blank. But this list can go on and on. As individuals we are almost impossible, unbearable, and down right foolish as we talk with ourselves. 

The problem is, it’s a false belief system. You are good enough, Right Now! You are good enough exactly how and who you are at this moment.

So if you are fueled by feelings of waiting to accomplish X so that you can finally prove that you are enough (to yourself, to your family, to your friends or peers), STOP. Don't put off doing something because you don't think you are worthy to take the project on.

Take a moment and reflect on all of the ways you are GREAT.

To do that, take a moment and write down the 20 GREATEST achievements of your life. Don’t feel like you have 20? You do. Just start writing...and keep writing until your list is complete. (I'll get you started on a few) 

1.  Female or male: Both sexes have differences but those differences are also their strengths.

2. First born or last in the line of siblings, maybe a twin, maybe an only child: no one has lived your life and therefore no one has your experience. No one has lived through your perspective. Use that to help yourself or others.

3. Highly educated or just enough to get by: Either way you have you to share. Tell your story, it is powerful because it is the only like it and will always be unique.

4.  Wealthy or barely getting by: Money doesn't make the world go round. In fact it often complicates life. Enjoy the parts of life that no one can rob you of. Joy, Love, Experiences, Your past, your first love, your health, your ability to move.  

5. You can take it from here........






keep going……

There. Now take a moment and remind yourself that you are good enough right now. Anything you want to accomplish, you can!

To Your Best Health,

To your Best Health,

Coach Nancy​

Quotable Aug 26, 2015: Todd and Twister

Peter Twist and Todd Durkin are two coaches I look up to. I love this quote from “Twister”, who survived Stage IV head and neck cancer.

“we are also training to be our best when our best is needed”.


Take a few minutes to watch these guys talk about Twisters journey…there is gold in here.