It has been said that “nobody likes change”.

But it that really true?

When we are uncomfortable with change it is because it makes us, well, uncomfortable.

And none of us really like being driven out of our comfort zone.

But what if the change helps us grow?

What if it stretches us and makes us better?

What would happen if the butterfly refused to change from a pupa?

To stay in the the chrysalis?

It would die.

Change is inevitable.

We can embrace it for what it is, or curse it because it is.

Your choice.

But a choice that can make all the difference.

Choose Wisely.

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Coach Dean

Former Fat Boy Turned Health and Fitness Junkie. Award Winning Fitness Business Owner and Trainer. World Class Nutrition Coach. Truth Teller. Scholar. Opinionated. Humble and Willing To Tell You About It. Tell Dean He Is Full Of It On Any Of His Social Media Profiles. He Will Probably Agree.

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