Concordance [kon-kawr-dns, kuh n-]

agreement; harmony

In the past we have used the word compliance to describe when we stick to a plan.

For example we would assign a task based on the habits such as “Have vegetables every time you eat”.

If you did it, you were compliant, if you didn’t, you were not.

Do you like that word, compliance, or does it rub you the wrong way?

Recently we have adopted the term “concordance” instead.

I like that better.

We will come to an agreement about which habits you can and will do.

It is your value system that is important, not mine.

Acting in concordance with our stated values is so much better than having compliance forced upon us.

How will you live in concordance today?



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Theresa - June 17, 2015

compliance or non compliance is such a negative label.
Concordance has a skip and a song just like the rhythm of everyday life.
Thanks Coaches Dean & Nancy

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