Confidence Follows Competence

What a great week last week. I was in Louisville at the Elite Fitness and Performance Seminar and it was phenomenal. Always great to be around my peers and get some knowledge bombs dropped on me.

skiingWe got to talking about winter in the northeast and someone asked me if I ski, of which the answer is “no”. I then went on to explain that I am not very good at it so I don’t really enjoy it. I don’t like the thought of crashing and breaking something – not cool.

Did you catch that? Because as I thought about it later it struck me.

What I was saying was “I am not a competent skiier, therefore I have no confidence that I am going to stay upright long enough to enjoy myself.”

Confidence Follows Competence.

If I spent the time practicing and continually raising my skill level, I would start to enjoy skiing instead of dreading it. However in this case I don’t like sucking, so I just avoid it.

Building our food habits are really no different.

Planning, shopping, food prep.

These are all skills. When we practice them we get better at them. When we get better at them they are more enjoyable. Because they are more enjoyable we keep practicing them until we reach mastery.

In a perfect world.

In case you didn’t notice, we ain’t in one. And that usually leads to the avoidance part.

The missing piece to mastery?


You can learn more about that here.



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