Consistency Beats Compensation

Ever feel like you are always playing “catch up”?

Me too, more than I would want to admit.

My colleagues over at Precision Nutrition pointed the obvious out to me.

Consistency Beats Compensation.

The small tasks done every day are what add up to success.

Back when money was really tight I set up an automatic withdrawal from my checking to my saving. $50. Every month. I did it because I knew if it wasn’t automatic, it wouldn’t get done. It had to be easy.

On a month-to-month basis those $50 don’t seem to be adding up very fast. But 5 years down the road there are three thousand dollars in the account, plus interest.

You know what a “crash diet” is?

It’s Compensation.

All of a sudden we have a wedding, or a reunion, or a trip coming up, and we want to look good.

So we go on some sort of a crazy diet trying to lose the weight. And it’s hard. And we usually don’t do so well, if not in the short run than certainly in the long run.

Consistency is better.

Consistency is easier.

Consistency Beats Compensation.

Every time.


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