Did You Get Better Today?

beforewegoIs plastered on a white board behind Coach Dan John on the cover of his new book “Before We Go“.

Coach John is one of my heroes. He has a way of distilling all the noise down into the very simple. Anyone can make things complicated. It is the true masters who can make it simple.

The question on the cover of that book is one that should not be passed over lightly. At the end of every day it is worth turning off the noise, settling in, and reflecting.

Did I get better today?

Better at what? That depends.

In the gym, did you do one more rep, lift 1 more pound, sustain your heart rate for 1 more second and then recover 1 second quicker? Were you able to get hold that stretch longer or squat deeper? Then you got better.

With your nutrition, did you plan 1 more meal, or try a new food, or cook a new recipe? Did you drink a little more water, a little less soda, and eat just one Christmas cookie off the tray at work instead of 3? Then you got better.

In your life, did you tell your wife and kids you loved them one more time? Did you listen to a friend who needed you rather than ignore the call? Did you overlook a fault? Did you show kindness to a stranger? Did you do something for someone you didn’t have to? Then you got better.

I am firm believer that we can get a little better at something, every day.

We are all too happy to settle, when within is lies so much potential. I don’t care how young or old you are, you have potential.

To Get Better.

Every. Single. Day.

How did you get better today?


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