Eat Mostly Whole Foods

Wouldn’t it be nice to learn how to listen to our body's needs so we can fulfill them?

If our body is saying 'hunger' we eat until we are satisfied.

If our body is saying "I'm good" we stop eating.

Both allow for life to happen.

How can we best do that? Learn to eat mostly whole foods.

What do I mean by that? Foods that are closest to their natural state for the bulk of food on our plate.

Two ways we can help ourselves to eat whole foods:

1. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Just think about where all the fresh foods are located. They are all around the edges of the store. Foods in the produce section don’t usually carry a label on them. When we pick up an apple or a cucumber, they don’t need labeling to let us know what is inside the peel. The meat section caries labels but these labels let us know what cut of meat we are buying. A chicken is a chicken all the way around. By doing this we can avoid foods that have stuff added to them.

2. Avoid the middle of the store. Remember - the stuff on the inside of the grocery store is there for a long time. It can be, because it is preserved or has preservatives in it. While there are reasons to travel to the innards of the store - oatmeal, canned tomatoes, frozen veggies, lentils, and nuts.

Do your best to avoid items in the foil bag, cardboard boxes, or plastic trays. Highly processed foods, sugary sweets, otherwise known as junk food can trick your body. They don't trigger the same response as whole foods. In other words, you can eat enough highly processed foods but your body doesn't tell you it’s full so you eat more. By eating more unprocessed, whole foods, you’ll avoid short-circuiting the body’s energy-balance system and keep you healthier.

Georgie Fear puts it this way, "Our bodies are designed to not only survive, but thrive, on real, unprocessed foods. Whole foods are simply foods that are closest to their natural state. Like high-octane fuel in a premium sports car, whole foods nourish your body and keep you running at peak performance."

But don’t stress over traveling to the nearest indoor CSA or Farmer's Market in the winter with a storm coming in to buy farm fresh tomatoes instead of buying canned tomatoes – that’s counterproductive to weight loss. Likewise, if you’re worrying how you’ll learn to raise your own beef, build a green house, or find time to make all your own meals, relax. Please remember I said mostly whole foods. Thinking that you have to eat only whole foods won’t earn you extra credit; in fact, I strongly discourage you from making that your aim!

If you are like me, at times I make too many exceptions to this rule. Now I am working back to where I want to be. Yes, I will still enjoy an occasional treat but that is where my 'mostly' rule will come into play.

Don't stress yourself. Our goal is to help you become healthier. Learning to eat mostly whole foods is a skill. Add in more things to your grocery cart from the outside edges of the store and fewer and fewer from the inside shelves.

You’ll make it easier and easier to satisfy your body and learn how to keep you running healthy.

To Your Best Health,
Coach Nancy

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