Eating Just Enough

Healthy eating is all about reasonable meals that leave you comfortable and satisfied until 30-60 minutes before you eat again. Its working on the “Goldilocks Effect” (thank you Josh Hillis for teaching me about Goldilocks again). The “Goldilocks Effect” is eating until you are comfortable, until you are ‘just right’. You feel comfortable with yourself physically but your emotions as you walk away from a meal are ‘comfortable’ as well. You eat enough so you are not deprived or feeling deprived. ‘Just right’ is your frame of mind as well. It is a skill that has to be worked on because our lives are always changing.

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  • If you tend to eat until you are overfull every day or even a few times a week, make your first goal to practice stopping at satisfied.
  • If you never eat until overfull and are already stopping at satisfied but your weight is not decreasing, practice eating three bites less at each meal. You can accomplish that by serving yourself slightly less to start with, or leaving a few bites on the plate at the end of your meal (or slipping your dog three bites during the meal 🙂 ).

Be like Goldilocks.

Eat just enough. Goldilocks ate just enough to satisfy after a day of walking in the woods. She ate just enough to satisfy so she could fall fast asleep and not wake up when bears came home. Just enough so when she had to run, she could and did.

Bring awareness to your meals.

I believe all of us have felt that overstuffed feeling after a meal. You know when you want to rush to put on that pair of sweats so you can breathe again.

Eat slowly. Enjoy each bite. Take small bites and chew to enjoy the food and the experience (it will take practice).

Identify the feelings and sensations that happen as you eat. These will help you to recognize 'being satisfied'. Eating just enough.

To Your Best Health,
Coach Nancy

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