Feeling Like It

You ever “not felt like it”?

As in:

  • I don’t feel like eating veggies at breakfast.
  • I don’t feel like going to the gym.
  • I don’t feel like planning and prepping my food.
  • I don’t feel like turning down my 3rd glass of wine.

Me too.

Look at it this way.

You have a hole to dig, and for that task the appropriate tool to use is a shovel.

You would never ask “How do I get myself to feel like a person who uses a shovel?”*

That would be kind of silly.

You either pick it up and dig the hole, or you don’t.

Action always trumps feelings. Take action, and you will feel like it, not the other way around.

The reward is in the doing.

(* Thanks to Steve Chandler and his book “Time Warrior” for the inspiration.)




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