Food Label Friday: Check The Calories

Working our way down our food label, the next thing on the list is to Check Calories.

I am not an advocate of counting calories every day for the rest of your life, but you do need a general idea of how much food you are really eating.

An apple and a blueberry muffin are about the same size, but that doesn’t mean they provide the same amount of calories (or nutrition for that matter).

You will also notice that the “Calories from Fat” are stuck on there.

Valid information I suppose, but it doesn’t really tell the whole picture, and just why do we still think we have to pick on fats anyway? 🙂

I’d rather see the “Calories from Sugar” put up there, as that is much more damaging in most cases!

And remember our lesson on Serving Sizes from last week. If you eat the whole container of whatever this food label represents, you will actually be consuming 500 calories, not 250.

Remember: # of Servings + Calories per serving = Total Calories

Don’t let this throw you off, or you could be eating a lot more than you think!



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