Food Label Friday: Limit These Nutrients?

This is where the food label starts to get interesting, and shows a clear bias toward the “Low Fat” craze that has led to the skyrocketing obesity rates we have here in the United States.

Fat is not your enemy. In our nutrition coaching practice we encourage a moderate fat intake of around 30% of total calories, evenly split between saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fat. You NEED adequate fat in your diet as an energy source, as a vitamin transport mechanism, for hormone production, and to maintain satiety.

And while there is no need purposely consume gobs of cholesterol and sodium, there is little evidence that “limiting” these necessary nutrients in healthy people is, well, necessary.

The one “nutrient” I do like highlighted is Trans Fat. The recommended allowance for this “frankenfat” is zero, and rightly so. It is an “anti-nutrient” that causes nothing but harm even in limited amounts, and it one place where I agree with the powers that  – just don’t eat it.

So don’t be “fat-phobic”. As we will learn as we go on, it’s not the fat that usually gets you.

Keep on investigating those labels!


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