Food Label Friday: Protein

Ahh Protein, the macro nutrient everyone seems to love to hate!

As a nutrition coach my recommendation is that you eat between 3/4 and 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. People in hard training may need more, but this is a great start. Your body needs this to build and maintain muscle, hormone production, and about a bajillion other things to just plain keep things working right.

I currently weigh 175 pounds, so my target is about 150 grams a day. That is about 600 calories, the rest of which is made up in carbohydrates and fat. It really isn’t that much, just like anything else we need to build the skill of eating more protein and make it a habit.

The magic happens when we create our meals around protein, not add it as an afterthought. So many times we build our meals around carbohydrates, and toss a little protein on if we think about it. Almost impossible to get enough that way.

I have created a handy Meal Planning Chart based on something I saw in “Fat Loss Happens on Monday” by Josh Hillis and Dan John. Grab your copy and let me know what you think!

Download Your Meal Planning Chart Here



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