Food Label Friday: Start Here

Take a look at the food label below.

Go ahead, I’ll wait. 🙂

See where it says “Start Here”?

Don’t miss that, because if you are anything like me that is NOT the first thing you look at. My tendency is to look at how many grams of carbs and sugar, then I might take a look at the fat content.

Which is fine, unless I NEVER check the “Start Here” section. Because that is where the label tells me two key facts:

1) Serving Size. This is important because the number of grams of protein, carbohydrate and fat in the label below are PER SERVING.

2) Servings Per Container: This is what sneaks up and bites you sometimes. If you just look at the calories, you might think that number is the calories in the whole container. For instance you pick up that pint of decadent ice cream and look at the calories. “Only 300” you think to yourself, “That’s not so bad.” Until after you down the whole thing only to realize later there are FOUR serving per container and you just ate enough fat and sugar for a whole week.

Some foods are less obvious than others. We know if we pick up a carton of oatmeal or boxed cereal there are multiple servings per container. But things like the aforementioned pint of ice cream, or bottle of soda or sports drink usually contain multiple servings.

So always make sure you “Start Here”.

Until next time!



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