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We know there are literally millions of websites out there that deal with diet and nutrition, and most of it is misinformed, at best. We take a different approach than most "experts". We give away most of our material for free, and our goal is to make that free material better than anyone else's paid stuff. Here's where you will find all of that in one place.

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Free Cookbooks

Direct from our hands on healthy eating seminars, these cookbooks are the most downloaded content on our website. Great tasting and easy to make, the recipes in these cookbooks are sure to fit any lifestyle and please tastebuds all at the same time.

20 Essential Recipes

5 Meals Made Easy

Smoothie 101

21 Spectacular Salad Dressings

"True Story" Cheat Sheets

These nutrition and exercise "cheat sheet" infographics cut through all the noise out there on the interweb and give you solid science in an easy-to-digest format. From Calorie Counting (does it work?) to Workout Nutrition (Do I need it?) and everything in between, we got you covered. Download and print these for handy reference. You can even collect the whole set!


There is a library of nearly 400 blog posts, and growing, on this site. We'll talk about fat loss, staying motivated, building great habits, and creating a positive mindset. And of course all your favorite healthy and delicious recipes are here too.

Focused Fat Loss

Maintain Your Motivation

Building Healthy Habits

Maintain A Positive Mindset

Recipe Favorites

Cooking with the Carlson's Videos

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Here's what other people are reading on my website. Maybe you are new here, and we are glad you found us. These are the best pages and resources to help you start living your Healthiest Life today.