Goals and Games

My friend Josh Hillis has a very interesting take on goals and goal setting. He says imagine someone walks into a gym where two teams are playing basketball. Most of us would look at the scoreboard and ask a logical question.

“Who’s ahead?”

There’s nothing wrong with that, that’s why they are playing. The score is an outcome based goal.

What we don’t even think about is that the process goals are more important than outcome based goals most of the time.  In other words the team had a plan to achieve the desired outcome, which is more points on the board than the other team. They developed skills; they practiced shooting, they practiced dribbling, they practiced working together as a team on offense and defense. Doing all those things has a big impact on the scoreboard.

In the case of fat loss, our scoreboard is usually the scale. We step on it and check the score. Am I winning or losing? (or maybe we say “Am I gaining or losing”, but I digress)

Now don’t get me wrong, you have to check the score. But checking the score doesn’t affect the outcome of the score, at least not very much. We might feel pangs of guilt or regret or anger or frustration which can “motivate” us, but we all know those things are all too temporary.

To really affect the scoreboard we need to do what the basketball players do.


  • Practice planning.
  • Practice food prep.
  • Practice eating slowly.
  • Practice eating until we are not hungry instead of stuffed.

To name a few…

Those things will affect your scoreboard with far more impact than stepping on the scale every morning, believe me, I am right there with you.

If you need help practicing, check this out.




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