Goldilocks Was On To Something

dreamstime_xs_52284804Remember in “Goldilocks and the 3 Bears”?

“Too Hard”

“Too Soft”

“Just. Right”

When it comes to building good habits, we don’t want our practice to be “too hard” or “too soft (easy)”, we want it to be Just Right.

And my just right could be different than your just right.

For instance if we are working on the habit of eating only 3 times a day, and you currently eat 5 or 6 times a day (main meals + snacking), it’s probably going to be too hard to cut back to 3 meals a day, right from day 1.

“Goldilocksing” is a term I learned from fellow nutrition coach extraordinaire Josh Hillis. We are going to find what work for us, at that moment in time, to help us be super successful.

So on week 1 your habit might be to eat your 3 main meals + 1 snack, then taper down to only your main meals from there.

Or we might set it up so you are eating 3 meals a day on weekdays, and add an extra on the weekend to start.

The cool thing is it’s your decision!

When you are in one of our coaching groups we will introduce you to the habits and work together to come up with the best plan, but ultimately you decide what is going to work best and help you the most. We will keep you accountable to it, but it’s magic when you can find “Just Right”. Making it as easy as possible to be successful is what it’s all about.

That Goldilocks was pretty smart!

What can you do to make your nutrition easier?

Can we help?

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