Good and Bad

We often hear that “this food is good” or “that food is bad”.

But does food have morals?

Or more importantly, do the foods we choose to eat make us “good” or “bad”?

There are food choices that will bring us closer to our goals, and food choices that will take us further away.

That’s It.

You are not a good person if you eat organic grass fed beef with locally sourced truffles, and you are not a bad person if you eat twinkies and ice cream every night.

Why is this important?

Because food is something to enjoy, savor and look forward to.

Not beat ourselves up over.

We get enough of that in life.

Enjoy it for what it is.

A wonderful gift that you get to give yourself every day.

Maybe you can frame your food choices this way. Is what I am about to eat:

  • Getting me closer to my goal?
  • Taking me further away from my goal?
  • Or at this moment in time, does it not really matter?

And no matter what choice you make, be happy with yourself for making it.



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