roseGrowing is uncomfortable.

Our bodies, minds and emotions can (and often do) get beat up.

People criticize us.

WE criticize ourselves.

I don’t know about you, but I find it’s easier to stay small, close to the ground. That way I don’t expose myself to criticism and ridicule.

But staying small and closed off from the world destroys the possibility of reaching our potential.

It’s like a beautiful rose that refuses to go from bud to bloom.

The world needs you to be your best self.


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Coach Dean

Former Fat Boy Turned Health and Fitness Junkie. Award Winning Fitness Business Owner and Trainer. World Class Nutrition Coach. Truth Teller. Scholar. Opinionated. Humble and Willing To Tell You About It. Tell Dean He Is Full Of It On Any Of His Social Media Profiles. He Will Probably Agree.

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