Habit Mastery

Mastery is not easily achieved, is it?

We want to be really good at something, but rarely do we stick with it long enough to be really great at it, to master it.

When I was a kid my parents wanted me to play a musical instrument. I wanted to play the trumpet. For some reason the school band said I couldn’t, how about the trombone instead? I “played” it for awhile, hardly ever practicing, until for some crazy reason my parents let me drop it and play the clarinet. That lasted about 10 minutes too.

I regret not sticking with it long enough to get good at it. My sister is a wonderful pianist, and I can attest she put the hours and hours of practice in it took to get there.

Same thing with skiing and golf. To enjoy those, you have to practice. Otherwise you are just falling down hills and chasing little white balls into the woods and ponds.

When I was learning to ski, the instructor took me step-by-step. Learning to stop, learning to turn, learning to stay upright for more than 10 yards. He didn’t just put me on the black diamond and tell me to go for it. And golf? I got a free lesson from a pro at a driving range because he felt so bad for me. True Story.

Why do we think that creating new eating habits is any different?

You need a step-by-step approach here as well.

Find the low-hanging fruit first. What’s the one thing you can do that will make the biggest “change” impact.

For instance which one of these things would have the MOST impact on if you adopted it today?

  1. Planning your meals
  2. Preparing your meals
  3. Eating slower

Don’t choose all three, just pick one. There is no wrong or right answer, just your answer. Work on getting really good at the one before worrying about anything else.

Ask yourself these two questions.

Which one can I do?

Which one will I do?

And then get doing.

Need help? Stay tuned.


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