What Happens After “The Biggest Loser” And Why

fatdad-225x300-300x300This article on contestants from the show “The Biggest Loser” has been making the rounds, and for some it will be really eye-opening, but I also want to make sure that you know beyond the shadow of a doubt it is not fate.

Here’s what I wrote to my clients on our private page about the article, and the reality I live with as a formerly obese person.

“It is challenging to keep the weight off, but it is not impossible. I have successfully stayed within a 15 pound range (after losing nearly 100) or so for nearly a decade. How? By paying attention and accepting the “biological realities” described in this article. I think I shared some of that on Saturday. Decreased metabolic rate, hormone irregularities, compromised pancreatic function – all of it. The truth is those things were caused by the poor nutrition habits I had for so many years. I cannot eat the amount of food I “should” be able to if my metabolic rate were normal. So I adjusted, and eat to my requirements as determined by the outcome I am achieving, not what some chart, or machine, or doctor, or even coach tells me I should. I am the guy that looks at brownies and gains weight. Too bad for me, but it is reality. (That is why I am SO passionate about what we feed our kids. Do we really want them to have the same problems because they HAVE to have soda and cookies and sweets all the time?) I love y’all enough to tell you the truth – there HAS to be some self-awareness and acceptance of your current reality. If eating certain things in certain amounts leads to overweight, obesity, and poor health, you must stop. Probably for the rest of your life.”

I am not talking about crazy here. Nobody is asking you to give up the foods you enjoy. What I am sharing is that we may not be able to eat what we want when we want all the time and achieve our goals. It is really hard on the body to “yo-yo” your weight, and there are consequences that can be long-lasting. Complaining about it never helped me. The good news is you CAN find what works for you long term.

Let us help.

Coach Dean

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Mary Little - May 2, 2016

I read the biggest loser article and wished I hadn’t but feel much better after reading your post! Thanks for sharing Dean!

    Coach Dean - May 2, 2016

    You are welcome Mary – We CAN do this!

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