Happy Birthday!

Beginning in August and going through the first week of October our family has managed to pack in 6 birthdays. That is almost a birthday every 10 days. I love birthdays and I wouldn't change my family at all. All that celebrating can add on quickly though. (Did you see my daughters made three cakes for 1 birthday?)

I'm going to take it a bit easy this year. I'll totally love on my family and I will hang out and celebrate but I plan to do it with self control too. My birthday is the last one on this merry list and I want to enjoy it.

Here is my plan:

  1. When the celebrating begins with food eat in moderation. One piece of cake is fantastic, I don't need two.
  2. Hold off on the ice cream. I'm a cake type of girl so I don't really need the cake to go with it. (which one do you like better?)
  3. Some of our birthdays include a birthday 'favorite' meal. I'll chose wisely here too. Protein and produce are a must. Since I'll be treating myself to a piece of cake, I'll hold off on any bread products in the meal.
  4. We don't always have to celebrate with cake. Dean's birthday usually finds us enjoying strawberries with home made whipped cream. Fruit can  make a delicious change of pace for dessert. We might opt for this strawberry treat. Angel Food Frosting with Strawberries

Karalynn's birthday started off this list, next is my oldest son's, Tim. I probably won't be seeing him so if you happen to, give him a hug from his mom and tell him Happy Birthday. I'm sure Coach Dean will tell you when his birthday is but if you write it down now you won't forget September 13th. 

To you best Health,

Coach Nancy

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Coach Nancy

Nancy Carlson is a Certified Professional Fitness Trainer with the National Exercise and Sports Trainer Association, a Level 1 Youth Conditioning Specialist with the International Youth Conditioning Association, and is a Level 2 Certified Precision Nutrition Master coach. Nancy was recognized in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 as the “Best of the Best” Fitness Trainer in Southern NH by the Hippo Press.

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