Humble and Kind

More Hugs Never Hurt!I had a late meeting Saturday night, and on the way home pushed “scan” on the car radio.

As the sounds bounced from one station to the next a tune caught my attention, and the words “always stay humble and kind” made me stop on that station and listen a bit.

Have you heard this song by Tim McGraw?

I love all kinds of music, but I don’t listen to all that much country. But this one put a bit of lump in my throat. It reminded me that life is short, that manners matter, and that we have a responsibility to not only stay humble and be kind, but encourage those coming us behind us to do the same.

I am not always humble. I think many of us have a tendency toward pride – “Look what I did” – and I am certainly no exception. But I am nothing except by the grace of God. Any intellect and abilities that I may have are gifts that I have been given and have a responsibility to use for His glory and the benefit of others.

I am not always kind. I shoot my jaw off way more than I should. I think of myself rather than others. Often the traits I don’t tolerate in my kids exist because of what they see modeled.

So maybe you think I am a sap for letting a simple country song get to me.

That’s ok, maybe I am.

But I needed the reminder.

And I am grateful I got one.

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