Hungry and Only Hungry

sulkOn Tuesday we talked about eating when you are hungry, and only when you are hungry.

Have you been working on that?

Sometimes it’s not so easy to figure out if you are hungry or not. I like the acronym HALT to help me.

Am I:





Often times it is those last things, which you may recognize as emotional eating. Recognizing which of those last three (or all of them) might be going on can be very helpful. I find that when I am tired I am much more susceptible to eat more than I need to. You probably have one of these triggers as well.

So here’s what I want you to do. Go get a piece of paper and write the word HALT at the top of it. Now every time you find yourself reaching for some food outside of your normal 3 meals a day, write down the time, whether you are H A L or T, and then a brief sentence around whichever letter it is.

Some examples:

10:10am, A, the kids are driving me up a wall fighting

8:30pm, L, traveling out to Phoenix by myself and I miss Nancy


8:30a , H, had a great workout this morning and now it is time to fuel up

If you are willing to take a few minutes a day on “discovery”, you are well on your way to “Eating When Hungry”.

Let me know how I can help.






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