I Threw a Temper Tantrum

You know the feeling that when life just seems to squeeze so hard that you want to either crawl into a little ball and try to hide from it all or you want to walk away in a huff. There are times in a day when I feel just like that. I want to throw in the towel. I don't want to focus on one more thing especially not food. I am declaring my rights. I'm stomping my foot to the floor and screaming at the top of my lungs- "I'm eating this cookie and no one is going to stop me!".

Sometimes I actually eat the cookie and at other times, I catch myself before hand. I bet if I've been there, you have too.

We all have choices though. Even when all else seems to be pressing in from all sides, we can choose to lash out at one thing we can control or we can choose to keep plugging along. Lash out? That usually implies we are cussing out our boss or our spouse, or a friend. In reality it often means lashing out at ourselves. We have negative feelings and they turn right back on me. I overeat, I cram six cupcakes in my mouth in less than 5 minutes, I hide in my bedroom with a pint of ice cream.

My pity party for myself is a tantrum. I'm not perfect and I've done all of those things above. My goal though is to work at stopping before I do it again.

While eating gives me a temporary relief from the situation, when the door opens up again all of that stuff is still there for me to deal with. It is my treatment of myself and my countenance that I need to fix, not the food I eat.

So what does that mean for you? If you've been there, it means you're human and you need to work on making better choices while you are in crisis mode. Here are some ideas for you to take for yourself or let me know of how you are helping your inner toddler grow up.

  1. Breath, slow down, stop moving and breath. Remember those 5 minute body scans? This would be the prefect time to use them.
  2. Take out a pen and paper and journal the last ten minutes. Often getting your thoughts on paper for you to read will help you see the logic or ill- logic your portraying.
  3. Call me, email me or anyone. Sometimes you don't even have to say anything about what you are feeling; a friend can helps just by the sound of their voice.
  4. Be Grateful- List 10 things (people, items, feelings, foods, animals, the weather) that you are thankful for. 

Give it a try. Remember the inner toddler is strong willed so they might not listen the first time you employ these tactics. Just keep at them.

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

About the author

Coach Nancy

Nancy Carlson is a Certified Professional Fitness Trainer with the National Exercise and Sports Trainer Association, a Level 1 Youth Conditioning Specialist with the International Youth Conditioning Association, and is a Level 2 Certified Precision Nutrition Master coach. Nancy was recognized in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 as the “Best of the Best” Fitness Trainer in Southern NH by the Hippo Press.

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