I’m the Leader of My Pack

I often refer to myself as a mother duck with her chicks. My chicks are you, those that I coach either in nutrition or on the gym floor.

Like a mother duck, I lead the pack. I swim in the front. I walk in the front of the line. When some people walk in the front of the line, they want to be seen. They want the attention. They are there because they are the biggest, bad-est dude out there. If they were talking, they would be heard to say, “Watch out cuz here I come!” That’s not why I am up front.

I’m up front to show you the way. I’m leading those that have asked for a bit of help to get to their goals. That’s my job, I have the knowledge to help you get from here to there.

I’ve run into a mother duck with her chicks before. At the first sign of danger those chicks run for hiding. They hide under her wings. She is there to protect them. I am a mom by nature and a mom is a mom. I will protect those that are in my care at all costs. Please do not test me on this. Don’t mess with anyone in my pack. But that also means my little ducklings don’t get to pick on each other or themselves. Each person is unique. They have their own special qualities. I rarely hear adults belittling other adults. We’re just too cool for that. But tearing down our own selves is the easiest thing we can do. I won’t let you do that either. So while I will protect you with all my energy, I will use some of that energy to keep yourself from tearing down your own personhood.

Mother ducks swim up front. She is actually taking some of the wake off of her chicks by bracing them from the wind and waves. I want to do that for you. That is why often in my nutrition coaching I give you guidelines. I know these guidelines work. I’ve taken the edge off of your work by doing the swimming ahead of you.

But I am swimming. I am working too. I have to be out in the gym doing physical things, and I have to be in my kitchen getting good food for myself to eat. I’m still a duck that needs to eat to live.

Mother ducks are a great picture of myself to my coaching students. If you are swimming out there alone and need a bit of guidance, or someone to stay behind in the battles of life, or maybe just someone who’s been there and done that to follow. Check out some of the coaching services at The Grateful Plate.

I'm here for you.

To your best health,
Coach Nancy

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