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just 1 thingAt our training gym earlier this week we were talking about who set New Year’s resolutions and if so how well did they do sticking to them. There were very few who set resolutions and even fewer (1 or 2) who had any success keeping them.

What is a resolution anyway? I would describe it this way: There is something in my life I want to change, so I make a commitment to do so – in theory anyway.

But change is a funny thing. It’s hard to create change in our lives, otherwise we would, well, just do it.

  • Save more money? Check!
  • Eat better so I can lose 20 pounds? Check!
  • Get to the gym more often? Check!

If only, right?

Change in behavior almost always requires a change in something else.

For instance if you want to save more money, starting to have it automatically taken out of your paycheck makes sure that happens.

Having backup alarms and your clothes ready removes a couple of common obstacles to getting to the gym.

And my absolute “go to” change for eating better? Don’t have junk food in the house. If it’s there, I am going to eat it. For me this works because we very rarely eat out, and I am too lazy to go out and get the junk food, so problem solved. This has truly changed my life (body and health)!

How about you?

What is your primary obstacle to eating better?

Is it lack of preparation and planning? Don’t beat yourself up over it, because that’s a biggie, and in our busy lives it is all too often reality.

Here is my advice. Stop trying to “eat better” all at once. Too hard. Too discouraging. Start small. Choose the “low hanging fruit”.

Can you make eggs just one breakfast this week? Win!

Can you drive a different way home so you are not tempted by the drive through? Win!

Can you add veggies to just one dinner this week? Win!

What’s your “one thing” this week? Tell me in the comment section below!




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Coach Nancy - December 31, 2015

No snacking between lunch and dinner

Hester - December 31, 2015

Drink more water.

Ronald Weilnau - December 31, 2015

Get back to applying the 90% rule, lately I have been failing at do it.

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