Late Night Snacking

More often than not, late night snacking happens out of habit rather than actual hunger. And if hunger is the real reason for reaching for snacks after dinner, there are easy changes that can be made earlier in the day to curb this hunger. A few simple tweaks to your typical routine can help you prevent the urge to reach for night-time snacks.

Before going back into the kitchen, ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I really hungry or am I feeling something else? True hunger will not go away but will slowly increase. Often times we eat late at night because of an emotion like boredom, loneliness, anger, and/or happiness. I know it is easy to let Food do more than it is supposed to do. We have let food keep us company because we are bored. We let food be the shoulder to cry on when we are sad. We let food be the hug when we need comfort. We let food be the kicking block when we are stressed.

2. Why else could I be eating?  It could be we are eating because we associate snacking with sitting on the couch just like we grab a cup of coffee while sitting at your desk working. 

3. Is this food going to hold me back from my goal? If you’re not getting the results you want and can’t figure out why take an honest look at your after-dinner habits. Write them down and get clear on just how much damage you’re doing late-night. It might just be that one thing that is holding you back from your progress. 

Late night snacking generally has to do with something other than true hunger. Find out that reason and then you have the ability to combat it. 

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

About the author

Coach Nancy

Nancy Carlson is a Certified Professional Fitness Trainer with the National Exercise and Sports Trainer Association, a Level 1 Youth Conditioning Specialist with the International Youth Conditioning Association, and is a Level 2 Certified Precision Nutrition Master coach. Nancy was recognized in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 as the “Best of the Best” Fitness Trainer in Southern NH by the Hippo Press.

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