The Little Things Mean A Lot


I am really grateful for Father’s Day this past Sunday. Had my dad over for a late lunch after church, kids made me a cool “Wallet” – “Keys” – “Phone Holder”; it was just a chill out kind of day, made a lot more special with the people I get to hang out with.

Someone reminded me yesterday how good he looks as a dad in the eyes of his kids because of his wife. I have to echo that as well. Nancy makes the world go round, and well when it comes down to it I wouldn’t even BE a dad without her! 🙂

wooden_coin_display__45143.1459358404.500.750I gave my kids a present yesterday as well, and their response made me choke up a little.

It’s a little wooden nickel that says “1 Hour of Dad Time”, to be turned in whenever they want. I gave it to them because it’s really been on my heart lately that time goes by so fast, and sometimes my priorities are not where they should be. That was confirmed by the pure look of joy on their faces and when KJ said “A whole hour? I get to choose something and you will spend a whole hour with me?”

I guess I am not in line for any “Father of the Year” awards based on the surprised reaction that from my own kids, but I can’t change yesterday, only get better today.

Who needs some more of you in their life?

It might be the best gift they have ever received.

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