Meal Planning Week Two

The second week of meal planning is easier than the first. In fact each time you make your week’s menu it gets easier and easier. There is something to doing it over and over. Like your coach in Junior High said -"Practice Practice Practice". 

With week one’s meal plan under your belt, use that as a guideline. If you loved each meal then just repeat the week’s meals. If you found a few meals that just didn’t work for your family than adjust that meal. Find another family favorite , add that one in its place and move on. Keep the rest that worked. If you are worried about variety switch the day you served them on and add in a different side dish of veggies. Don’t forget to make your grocery list now. Week two is done. Simple is Easiest, Simple is Best.

If you are starting at week one, here is the refresher course from last week. All this planning saves you time and loads of stress each day.

Planning a week of meals is easier than you think.

  • Write down your family’s favorite meals. To help you out, list the dinner meals you ate last week. You might need to ask your kids for help. Shoot to write down five to seven meals.
  • Tweak these meals if they need it to be healthier versions. Make them contain only PPW. Protein, Produce and Water.
  • List out 2 or 3 PPW breakfast meals you enjoy eating.
  • Alternate these meals on your menu plan the first week. Remember breakfast doesn’t have to be traditional. Eating leftovers at breakfast makes things quick to reheat.
  • Lunch is next. Do you have time to make a meal each day for lunch or is leftovers a better choice. Remember “Simple is easiest, Simple is best”
  • If you choose to make your meals, prep as much as you can the night before.
  • Lunch can be easy. Baked chicken from the night before takes on a whole new appearance on top of a salad. Don’t have leftover chicken? Open a can/bag of tuna to place on top of the salad. Another option is to grab a few hard boiled eggs and make egg salad using an avocado as the mayonnaise. Add in a variety of raw veggies and your lunch is complete.

Knowing is only half the battle. Even if you know what’s good and expect to eat supportively, if the foods aren’t around when it’s time to eat, it’s hard to succeed.

Planning, preparing, and consistent application is the other half of the battle. If you are just starting out and need to a review of the refresher course check out Meal Planning Week One.

You can make this happen! It takes a little planning and dedication once a week to get your plan on track.

My friend Georgie Fear made a Meal Planning ​timeline. 

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