Monday Motivation: I Need A Coach

As most of you know I am a coach. To me it is the most amazing profession a person can have. In my coaching practice I get to help people get more active, perform better, look better, and just plain feel better – body, soul, and spirit.

I am both a physical preparation and nutrition coach. I write and teach training programs as well as coach nutrition habits on a daily and weekly basis. Surely I don’t need help in those areas, right?


I have another coach write my training programs. Why? Because I don’t like to work on my weaknesses any more than the next person. There are exercises I NEED to do that I would leave out because, well, I am not good at them. Having another coach be involved make sure I attack those weaknesses, which helps me improve and remain injury free.

I also have had nutrition coaching on and off for years. Last week I hired Dr. Berardi and Dr. Scott-Dixon from Precision Nutrition for another year to keep me accountable and help me with some goals I am working on.

Coaching Matters.

Accountability, goal setting, problem solving, access to expertise. Those are the reasons I hire a coach. They are the reason I have invested in at least one business coach and a peer mastermind group for most of my coaching career.

So what about you?

Who do you call “Coach”?




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Lisa S. - August 11, 2015


    Coach Dean - August 11, 2015

    Only the best, eh Lisa! 🙂

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