Motivation Monday

What motivated you to get out of bed this morning?

Are you out of bed yet? 🙂

Was it fear of losing your job if you weren’t to work on time?

Was it duty because you were expected to cook breakfast for someone (even yourself)?

I too have been motivated by fear and duty, still can be.

But I find that being motivated by love and gratitude can be so much better.

I can go to the gym and make good food choices because I think I have to, but do I really have to do anything? Eventually that type of motivation gets old.

I can do it because I am afraid of what will happen if I don’t, which may be stronger, but fear is no way to live.

I choose to train and eat well because I love my family and want to be around for a long time to enjoy them and provide for them.

I choose to train and eat well because I am grateful I can. I was given a new day today, and gratitude guides me to want to make the most of it.

Love and Gratitude > Fear and Duty.

Every Time.


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